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People Who Tweet While Driving Are Doing It ‘All the Time’, God Help Us

AT&T has been running its “It Can Wait” campaign for a few years now, shining a light on the country’s continued problem with distracted driving. Every so often it puts out a survey and every time the result come back it’s like oh my god what the hell are people doing. First things first – 61 percent of people say …

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4 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

A few months ago my friend Dr. Ben Hanna led an extensive statistical study to discover the optimal tweeting strategy by running matched tests of tweets over a period of weeks. He uncovered some very interesting ideas that will help you get more out of every tweet!

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Twitter Changes the Update Button to “Tweet”

When Twitter users go to post a new tweet, they have in the past used a button that says "update" (at least from…that varies when you get into all the different apps Twitter users use). Now, that button says "Tweet".

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Twitter Takes SMS Tweeting to Australia

Twitter has partnered with Telstra to launch Twitter SMS in Australia.

"As always, it is free to receive notifications and standard text messaging rates apply to sending," says Twitter’s Kevin Thau. "It’s the same pricing as sending and receiving text messages from friends."

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“What’s Happening” with Twitter?

There’s a lot of change going on with Twitter these days. Recently we got the highly-anticipated Lists feature, which helped us to organize our streams and discover new, interesting people to follow.

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New Twitter Numbers Show Tweeting Increase

Last month, we looked at Twitter’s numbers for user registrations and total tweets for the month of August, and found what appeared to be the first month of the year in which tweets sent by Twitter users decreased. User registrations also appeared to decline for the second time of the year.

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The Ups and Downs of Paid Tweeting

Update: Izea has launched thier paid tweeting service (discussed in the original article) on its own site at

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RT: Retweet Competition to Follow URL-Shortening Craze

Update: is now live.

Original Article: First Twitter ignited the URL-shortening service fire, and now a similar phenomenon appears to be happening with "retweeting" services. is reportedly set to launch today.

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5 Media/Communication Channels Twitter Has Impacted

Twitter is everywhere you look these days. You don’t have to use it, but you can’t hide from it. If you live under a rock, chances are somebody’s sitting on top of that rock tweeting. It took a little bit for Twitter to catch on, but I think it’s safe to say that it has officially taken the world by storm. Let’s look at just a few ways it has impacted different forms of media and communication.

1. Instant Messaging

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Twitter Changes How Users View Replies

Update 2: Biz posted on the blog again showing that Twitter is taking users’ feelings on the matter seriously:

So here’s what we’re planning to do. First, we’re making a change such that any updates beginning with @username (that are not explicitly created by clicking on the reply icon) will be seen by everyone following that account. This will bring back some serendipity and discovery and we can do this very soon.

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Tweeting vs. Disclaimer Laws

Today the WSJ tells the tale of eBay and its foray into social media that began in April 2008 with a blog then quickly moved to the world of tweets and tweeple in Twitter. The author of much of the content, Richard Brewer-Hay, spent most of the past year pretty well ‘on his own’ with what he was writing in both vehicles then the corporate version of a buzzkill took place.

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Fusing The Concepts Of Search And Twitter

With all of the sniping that has gone on recently between Google and that annoying little pest that keeps landing on its shoulder called Twitter wouldn’t ittwitter-bird be nice to learn how to get value from one or the other?

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