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Stephanie McMahon, Triple H Want To Get You Fit

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are two of the biggest talents in the WWE. While wrestling is choreographed, it does take a lot of stamina and strength to pull off the stunts fans have come to expect every week. Now those very same fans can get fit the WWE way with two fitness DVDs. WWE and LionsGate announced this week …

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Brock Lesnar: Why He’s A Perfect Plan B

Let the speculation run amok! Perhaps the only thing that professional wrestling fans like more than watching matches is discussing rumors and talking smack. For the past few days, social media and wrestling websites have been abuzz over the speculation that Triple H will announce that his Plan B after Battleground will be none other than Brock Lesnar and not …

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Wrestlemania Burns: Dry Ice Was the Culprit, Says Triple H

Anyone who watched Wrestlemania 29 this past weekend may have wondered what exactly was stuck to Triple H’s torso during his appearance at the event. It turns out that the stuff was dry ice, which burned the wrestler during his ‘No Holds Barred’ match against Brock Lesnar. According to a TMZ report, Triple H was hit with dry ice while …

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