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MOG Partners with Australia’s Telstra

MOG, the subscription-based music blog, has just announced its exclusive partnership with Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company. The deal marks MOG’s first international expansion, and will offer Australian listeners access to ad-free, on-demand music content. MOG, which Time Magazine has stated “blows Pandora out of the water,” will offer Telstra users unlimited access to its content on the web, mobile …

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Twitter Takes SMS Tweeting to Australia

Twitter has partnered with Telstra to launch Twitter SMS in Australia.

"As always, it is free to receive notifications and standard text messaging rates apply to sending," says Twitter’s Kevin Thau. "It’s the same pricing as sending and receiving text messages from friends."

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Australia’s Sensis Gives In To Google

Randy Newman once sang about building an all-American amusement park in Australia.  Now, Google seems to be bringing this idea a touch closer to reality as there’s word that a major Australian brand will wave a white flag in the search and mapping markets.

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Advertising Truth

I’m looking at my web stats report from last week and see a blog comment we wrote on Telstra and the Apple Iphone hype has been picked up by quiet a few blogs. It gets me thinking for a minute about Vista and other products currently getting plenty of media coverage.

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Australia’s Broadband Drought

Strong mining = strong exports
Strong banking = strong commerce
Strong telecommunications = strong economy, society, connections.

There is a clear relationship between economic growth and investment in technology.

The building and construction industry has the lowest level of technology adoption and the lowest productivity growth. (Note: The new NextG network will help that)

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Telstra Tells Apple ‘Stick to Your Knitting’

I read with amusement  about Gregg Winn, the 2ic at Telstra telling Apple to "stick to your knitting" in respect to the new iPhone.

At first glance the article heading aired of hypocracy given the telco now delivers movies and other content against local video, CD and games stores.

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Telstra Teaches Australia How to Join the Conversation

I conducted a teleseminar on business blogging for the Public Relations Institute of Australia a few days ago.

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New CEO To Lead Telstra Through Privatization

Australia’s biggest phone company, Telstra, has appointed former CEO of U.S. West and Orange SA, Solomon Trujillo as its own CEO. Telstra’s current CEO, Dr. Ziggy Switkowski is stepping down on the first of July.

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Telstra Prepared To Launch Sensis Search Engine

The Australian-based Telstra Corporation is expected to launch a search engine built around their Sensis property, a Yellow and White pages-based service. This move is seen as defensive strategy against Google and Yahoo.

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