MOG Partners with Australia's Telstra


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MOG, the subscription-based music blog, has just announced its exclusive partnership with Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company. The deal marks MOG's first international expansion, and will offer Australian listeners access to ad-free, on-demand music content.

MOG, which Time Magazine has stated "blows Pandora out of the water," will offer Telstra users unlimited access to its content on the web, mobile devices, portable media players and via internet TV. For a monthly fee, Telstra mobile customers can download any song, album or playlist to their phones, and the content is unmetered, so it won't affect a users data plan. Customers simply download the MOG app, and the monthly fees will show up on their Telstra bill.

More specifics on the MOG platform, which can be integrated with Facebook, include:

On-demand streaming: Unlimited, ad-free listening to any artist, album, or song at any time from virtually anywhere. Our HTML5, browser-based player brings music to you blazingly fast on the web.

Unlimited downloads: MOG allows users to download and store music on their phone, enabling access to music even when a data connection is not available – ideal for jetsetters and easy on your data plan!

MOG radio: Best-in-class, personal radio and the most powerful music discovery engine on the planet enables users to switch between true artist-only radio or a full mix of similar artists.

Personalized recommendations: Instant recommendations based on individual music preferences. "Just for you" provides music recommendations based on your MOG listening habits and your artist "likes" on Facebook and improve as you listen and "favorite" music.

Highest quality audio: MOG streams music at 320kbps, the highest quality listening experience.

Curated content: Explore all MOG has to offer through its complete guide to everything and anything you'd want to hear. From New Releases, Editor's Picks, top Charts, Featured Playlists, and Custom Radio in addition to their own, tagged songs from within the MOG music service, users will find exactly what they're looking for (and more).

Telstra is Australia's largest and fastest mobile network, covering over 2.2 million square kilometers. MOG will become available for Telstra users in the coming months.

David Hyman, CEO and founder of MOG, states, "It's thrilling to broaden MOG's reach and bring Australian's the best music listening experience available on multiple platforms." Telstra's Executive Director of Media, Applications and User Experience, J-B Rousselot, adds, "Our exclusive partnership with MOG is the first of its kind in Australia and a big win for Australian music lovers."

In related news, Billboard finally added MOG, along with other digital music services, to its charts, thus acknowledging that people listen to music in ways other than by radio.