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Main Street Fairness Act Draws Amazon Support, eBay Opposition Main Street Fairness Act Draws Amazon Support, eBay Opposition
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On Friday, Senate Democrats introduced the “Main Street Fairness Act” again. It was also introduced in in the House by Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA) during the last session of Congress. Essentially, the bill calls for a federal set of guidelines …

Should the Internet be Taxed? Should the Internet be Taxed?
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On Friday, a new California state law goes into effect that will tax Internet sales through affiliate advertising. Rather than pay such taxes, online retailers like Amazon will instead shut down their affiliate programs in the state. For Amazon, that …

Internet Sales Tax Bill Expected
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Every so often, the idea of an Internet sales tax circulates, stirring up controversy and sparking debates about fairness.  Now, it’s apparently that time again, as a report’s indicated Senator Dick Durbin intends to introduce a bill sometime this month. …

Twitter Tax Break Passes San Francisco Committee Twitter Tax Break Passes San Francisco Committee
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On Monday, we told you about a debate taking place in San Francisco on whether to extend payroll tax breaks for new employees to companies in certain maligned areas of the city.  The proposal was framed as a way to …

Twitter Tax Break Debated in San Francisco
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As Twitter celebrates five years of breaking news, trends and Kanye West musings, it looks as though the San Francisco based company is the focal point of a political battle in its own backyard.  The fight is over proposed tax …

Google Gets Behind Tax Data Visualization Contest

Prepare to take some pride in what your tax dollars achieve (or decide to disappear into the forests of Canada).  Google’s throwing $5,000 and its PR machine behind a contest meant to show the public how American tax money is spent.

IRS Launches Tax App For Android And iPhone Users

The Internal Revenue Service has introduced IRS2Go, its first smartphone app that allows people to check on the status of their tax refund and receive tax information.

"This new smart phone app reflects our commitment to modernizing the agency and engaging taxpayers where they want when they want it," said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman.

"As technology evolves and younger taxpayers get their information in new ways, we will keep innovating to make it easy for all taxpayers to access helpful information."

Jackson Hewitt Offering Online Discount Shopping
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 Tax preparer Jackson Hewitt has launched an online Discount Shopping Network that offers cash back rewards from more than 800 retailers, including Target, Sears, Kmart, Best Buy and Staples.

The Discount Shopping Network is part of the first phase of the company’s roll-out of “MyTaxManager,” a new online tax management tool.

DMA Sues Colorado Over Internet Sales Tax Law
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Colorado challenging the constitutionality of a new law that requires online retailers outside the state to collect sales tax information from customers and turn it over to the state’s Department of Revenue.

The DMA says the law constitutes an "unprecedented invasion of consumer privacy," and also unfairly discriminates against interstate commerce because the law is targeted at only out-of-state retailers.

Google’s Taxpaying Habits Scrutinized In Australia

Google’s practice of channeling its revenues through Ireland is getting the company into trouble yet again.  This time, onlookers in Australia have taken note, and although no government officials have become involved, people are definitely unhappy that Google may be shirking its tax obligations.

North Carolina Offers Tax Amnesty For Online Retailers
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The North Carolina Department of Revenue said today it is working with online retailers who operate affiliate programs in the state to resolve issues of tax liability.

Kenneth-Lay-North-Carolina The state said it will waive all back sales taxes and penalties for online retailers that sign an agreement by August 31 to start collecting sales tax.

Google Faces Tax Protest Again In The UK

On at least two previous occasions, UK politicians have argued that Google’s accounting is a little too creative when it comes to taxes, and this weekend, the search giant was called out again.  Lord David Puttnam even used the word "outrageous" to describe Google’s habits.

France May Tax Google Ad Revenue
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France is considering a proposal to tax online advertising revenues earned by companies such as Google.

The proposal would extend to other companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo and would put an end to "enrichment without any limit or compensation," newspaper Liberation quoted Guillaume Cerutti, one of the supporters of the proposal, as saying.

Google (Again) At Center Of Tax Avoidance Accusations
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Although it’s hard to predict the split between thank you notes and hate mail, Google’s accountants may be receiving a lot of letters over the next few days.  It looks like Google managed to avoid paying about $725 million in taxes in the UK last year.

Legalized Online Gambling Would Bring In Billions
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A Joint Committee on Taxation report released today by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) found that regulating Internet gambling would generate roughly $42 billion over 10 years.

The report is based on the requirement of a federal license for operators that would allow them to offer online gambling throughout the United States, while keeping the federal prohibition on any form of sports betting.

Turkey Asks Google For $47 Million In Taxes
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It seems that Google’s accounting practices may not be quite in line with accepted Turkish procedures.  In fact, Turkey’s government has determined that the search giant owes it a little over $47 million in unpaid taxes.

Amazon Ends Affiliate Program In Hawaii

Amazon.com is continuing with its policy to abandon its affiliates program in any state that even considers legislation that would force the online retailer to collect and pay sales tax.

Google Accused Of UK Tax Avoidance
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It’s well known that big corporations employ brilliant accountants in an effort to save money at every turn.  Google seems to have been caught doing some less than up-front things, however, as the search giant’s been accused of routing revenue through Ireland in order to avoid a big UK tax bill. 

The Taxman Cometh To Downloads
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Looking to curb a $15 billion deficit in the state budget, New York Governor David Patterson has proposed a tax on internet downloads.

The proposal isn’t content-specific, so the four percent tax would apply to everything from music, books, software and, yes, to downloaded pornography.

Guess that’ll be a boost for streaming, then, huh?

AdSense Tax Forms On The Way
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It looks like AdSense publishers who are dying to get tax refunds won’t owe Google any favors this year; the search giant’s timing is poor compared to any number of banks and other companies.  But Google announced today that it is working on the distribution of tax forms.

IRS Offers Improved Online Filing
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The Internal Revenue Service has announced that starting on January 16 it is expanding its e-file program for 2008 federal tax returns.

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman recommends taxpayers consider e-file this year as the best option to file accurate tax returns and receive fast refunds. The e-file program includes new improvements to the Free File program that will allow nearly all taxpayers to e-file for free.