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Intuit Lobbying Congress to Protect Its Tax Filing Business
Intuit is going all-in in its lobbying efforts to protect its lucrative tax filing business at a time when Congress is threatening it....
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A Guide to Sole Proprietor Tax Write-Offs
As a sole proprietor, you need to know the correct tax write offs for your small business. Learn some helpful tips below....
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Elon Musk Will Sell 10% of Tesla Stake to Pay Taxes Following Twitter Poll
Elon Musk left his fate to Twitter to decide, and says he will now sell 10% of his Tesla stock to pay more taxes....
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EU Court Upholds Apple’s Irish Tax Deal
Apple scored a big win in European courts, with the General Court of the European Union ruling Apple’s tax deal with Ireland was legal....
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Google To Stop Using Irish And Dutch Tax Loopholes
According to Reuters, Google’s parent Alphabet will stop using a tax strategy known as the “Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich” to minimize U.S. taxes...
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IBM Watson Brings AI to H&R Block Tax Preparation
IBM announced a partnership with H&R block to use their artificial intelligent platform IBM Watson to radically improve tax preparation. “I...
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The Definitive Business Argument for Sustainable Technology
Commissioned News Story For decades, individuals have been lectured to pick up trash, to turn off unused lights, to brush their teeth without running ...
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Puerto Rico Is An Ideal Business Destination
This is a sponsored post written by WebProNews on behalf of Puerto Rico for IZEA. Puerto Rico is the perfect location to do business, and now is defin...
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Microsoft Releases Bing Ads Tax eBook For Agencies
Microsoft announced that it has put together a new eBook for tax season aimed at giving agencies tips and insights to help their tax-related clients&#...
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Toby Keith’s Bar Owes $250,000 In Back Taxes
The tax debt of Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar & Grill at Destiny USA has continued to grow, now totaling over $250,000. Earlier this month, ...
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Report: People Buy Less From Amazon In Online Tax States
Researchers from Ohio State have published a paper on the “Amazon Tax,” saying that “only has been affected”. A bun...
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‘House Of Cards’ Season 3 In No Danger From Maryland Tax Situation, Says Netflix
Earlier this year, reports came out that the production of House of Card: Season 3 was being held up as two bills in Maryland would affect tax breaks,...
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Federal Taxes Too High, Say Americans
With the deadline to file 2013 taxes approaching fast, more Americans are now coming face-to-face with just how much they own Uncle Sam. As the U.S. h...
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Gisele Audited by IRS After Listed as Forbes’ Highest-Paid Model
Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, was recently reviewed by the IRS after making “The World’s Highest-Paid Models of 2013” lis...
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Walmart’s Hidden Employee Food Stamp Subsidy
A few days ago, Val Powell brought you some information about how Walmart is showing its business’ dependence on food stamps. In the filing of a...
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IRS: Bitcoin is Property, Not Legal Tender
Despite the wild swings in the virtual currency markets and the recent scandal involving the Mt. Gox exchange’s loss of $400M, Bitcoin continues...
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TurboTax 2014: Compare Cost to Other Online Tax Services
Tax filing season is finally underway, so now it’s time to decide how you want to file your taxes. If you don’t much care for using an acc...
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Michael Jackson Estate Charged With $702M Tax Bill
Michael Jackson’s estate is being heavily pursued by the IRS for “undervaluing assets” and now faces a $702 million charge. In U.S. ...
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IRS e-file Season Begins This Weekend
The IRS officially began processing 2013 tax returns this Friday, starting this year’s tax season. The IRS hopes that their e-filing process, al...
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Tax Filing- Delays and Changes You Should Know About
If you usually get a big tax refund, you are probably excited to file your 2013 taxes. If you have to pay in, you may want to put it off as long as po...
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