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Will Video Blogs be Outlawed?

I’m watching this case where Target is in trouble with California’s accessibility laws. I’m wondering when they will come after the videoblogging industry. Go to YouTube. If you’re deaf isn’t that entire site inaccessible?

Behavioral and On Site Targeting Factors
Behavioral Targeting is the ability to target users based on their behavior on your website (this is one form known as on-site targeting). The concept of behavioral/on site targeting is exactly how business should be done: offer a customized solution to your end users so that they are truly engaged with your website.

What Traffic Sources Should You Target?

Recently I’ve read about otherwise sane Internet Marketers (also called SEO’s) targeting Digg comments at an attempt to direct traffic to a particular website. The first thing that came to mind was that running a campaign specifically to garner traffic from the comments of a techie social media site is probably not going to have a great ROI. I may be wrong, depending on your target market, but nonetheless blog posts abound SEO’s spending lots of time on ineffective strategies abound.

Target Bloggers & Mainstream Media w/ Search Queries
Just how one does market research to see how competitive a marketplace is, you can also do market research to view how important some ideas have been historically.

Which Social Technologies Will Target Your Customers

Many website owners know that their target market utilizes social technologies but few know to what extent and what technologies they should target. Forrester Research has helped by providing some insight into the minds of 10,000 online users within the report "Social Technographics®" released April 19th, 2007.

E-Vice Squads Target Second Life and Craigslist

The e-vice squads are a-crackin’ down – you’re not even allowed to have virtual fun anymore. The FBI considers breaking up Second Life gambling rings; Craigslist is packed with perverts; and YouTube just wusses out, a sin in itself.

Social Media – Target Demographics

Social targeting is quickly becoming a benchmark with advertisers and publishers… not because it is a key to the golden gates of marketing 101, but because online consumers are adopting search behaviors to understand where they will find like-minded people. This adoption curve is creating thriving and multiplying social circles that are interconnected on the basis of common interest.

Improving Odds of Connecting w/ Your Target Market

Kim Krause Berg had a interesting additional thought to my post about eye tracking. Her question, "What happens when your target market gets up on the wrong side of the bed?".

Even the Target Market Has Days Off
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My husband, Eric, has been looking at me funny. He gazes at me all the time and I hate being stared at. Being mean as usual, I make him stop. Last weekend, I realized he’s been looking at me with a strange look in his eyes that I couldn’t intrepret. I’m mean, so last weekend I asked him why he keeps giving me weird looks.

He replied, “Because I’m not sure which Kim is present, so I’m looking harder to see who’s there.”

I laughed, because I don’t know either.

Don’t Forget Who You’re Trying to Target

Whether you are creating an ad, direct mail copy, or writing a blog post, the fastest way to screw up your message is to forget who you’re trying to target.

The best strategy for creating a targeted message is to imagine your target prospect in the chair right across from you. What would you tell him/her? How would you speak to them?

Insurgents Use Google Earth To Target British

During a raid on Iraqi insurgents, British Army intelligence made a chilling discovery. Insurgents were using Google Earth to locate soft targets at British bases in Basra.

RFID Billboards Target Mini Audience

Drivers of the charming little Mini Coopers may be invited to sign up for an interactive billboard promotion called Motorby, where RFID equipped keyfobs will change the message as these drivers approach the billboard.

GOOG Target Raised To $630

Nobody really wants to come out looking too Pollyanna on Wall Street, even if the numbers are there. An $800 per share Google is whispered, or tossed out at the pub and reeled back in by the words “just kidding.”

2006 Holiday Ecommerce Traffic Up

According to new research from Hitwise average daily visits to ecommerce sites from Thanksgiving through the Thursday before Christmas were up 5.9 percent compared to 2005. The days with the single biggest increases over last year were Cyber Monday the first Monday after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day.

MySpace Becomes Latest UMG Legal Target
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Universal Music Group has filed a copyright violation lawsuit against social networking juggernaut MySpace.com. The case, filed in a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, alleges that MySpace allows its users post to copyrighted soundtracks and music videos on their websites.

AdSense Now Offers Site Target Options

Jennifer Slegg informs us that Google has added new custom targeting channels for AdSense publishers. The new option allows AdSense users to label different ad units on their site, and allows AdWords advertisers to see this units and select them for their ads.

Target Marketing – Whats a Lead?

Many marketers believe generating more sales leads is the key to hitting revenue targets. That’s not always true. In fact, most companies need to do a better job managing and qualifying the leads (or more likely the inquiries) they already have.

Target Audience Should Define Your Marketing Channel

Kevin Newcomb has details of Forrester Research’s analysis of how marketers should use different channels depending on the age of their target audience.

Google AdWords – Browse Sites to Target

Google Blogscoped posts an interesting explanation of the browse sites to target feature on Google AdWords that Inside AdWords announced on Friday.

AdWords Puts Sites On Target

Site-targeted ad campaigns can use an advertiser’s budget more effectively by focusing on those niches where the audience will have a greater interest in the marketer’s message.

Target Small Business Customers with Your Marketing

79 percent of small businesses shop online regularly, compared to 65 percent of online consumers, according to JupiterResearch.

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