TikTok Enters Job Market with TikTok Resumes

TikTok is looking to expand beyond just social media, introducing TikTok Resumes as a way to apply for jobs.

Target CEO Says Digital Performance Up 50%

“Our digital performance was up 50 percent,” says Target CEO Brian Cornell. “As we gain greater clarity around the consumer, the economy, the state of the vaccine, we feel that the consumer continues to respond to our in-store experience and…

Walmart, Target and Amazon Using AI to Dictate Return Policy

Some of the biggest retailers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help dictate their return policies.

What We’re Really Seeing Is the Integration of Bricks and Clicks

What we’re really seeing here is the integration of bricks and clicks says Cohen retail analyst Oliver Chen. Target really hit the bull’s eye on their numbers.

Target CEO: Digital Growth Is Industry Leading – Up 200%

Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, discusses their second quarter earnings report which saw the largest growth in the company’s history.

Walmart Can’t Let Amazon Out Walmart Walmart

“They kept making a new step every time and the rest of retail had to follow and they won the game, they got all the market share,” says Jan Kniffen of J. Rogers Kniffen Worldwide “They can’t let Amazon out Walmart Walmart (when it comes to free one-day shipping). Walmart will fight this battle to the bitter end.”

Building the Target of the Future

“We dropped back several years ago and started thinking about building the target of the future,” says Target CEO Brian Cornell. “It really started with an investment in understanding the consumer and really understanding what they were looking for and how to build the capabilities.”

Former Saks CEO: What’s Fascinating is the Convergence of Online and Stores

The former CEO of Saks, Steve Sadove, says that what’s really fascinating is the convergence that is currently happening with online and brick and mortar stores. You have the Amazon’s of the world adding brick and mortar store options and then you have Walmart and Target growing online.

UNCS CEO: It’s an Amazing Time To Be a Consumer… Every Day is Black Friday

The CEO of United National Consumer Suppliers, Brett Rose, says that it’s an amazing time to be a consumer because every day is Black Friday. Rose predicts that this is going to possibly be the biggest Q4 in our history.

Will Amazon Acquire Target in 2018?

While Amazon currently accounts for roughly 45% of all online retail sales, the pursuit of a strong offline retail presence is part of Amazon’s long-term business strategy which is why they may now be considering an acquisition of Target. Obviously,…

Target Lets You Pay With New ‘Wallet’ Mobile Payment System

It appears that Target is still not keen on accepting Apple Pay as a mode of payment in its onsite stores. In a recent post, America’s second-largest retailer announced that it had rolled out Wallet, its own mobile payment system…

Google, Target Form Alliance to Take on Amazon

A war among titans is silently brewing in the online retail arena. Recently, Google announced a partnership with Target, a move that could signal the start of Google’s challenge to eCommerce giant Amazon on its own turf. Amazon is a…

Target Partners With Pinterest, Find Products by Taking a Photo

Searching for products being offered on Target will soon be as easy as taking a photo on your mobile phone. In a recent announcement, Pinterest revealed that it teamed up with Target allowing the retailer to use the former’s visual…

Gwen Stefani Plans Live Music Video for the Grammys

Gwen Stefani is planning something big for The Grammys. The singer and The Voice star has announced that she will be participating in the first-ever music video created on live TV. The music video will be for her new song…

Lilly Pulitzer Collaboration With Target Causes Black Friday-Style Chaos

Lilly Pulitzer’s collabortation with Target caused quite a stir on Sunday as the brands limited edition collection went up for sale at the chain retailer. Women, sometimes in lines running into parking lots, evoked memories of Black Friday hysteria as…

Target OKs $10M Settlement over Massive Data Breach

Target has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by victims of the company’s 2013 data breach – a massive hack that exposed up to 70 million people. According to CBS News, the settlement has been…

Target Job Cuts: Company Outlines Plan to Restructure, Invest in Technology

Target has announced a corporate restructuring plan that will see it ax several thousand jobs – but the focus will be at the headquarters level and not at the company’s 1,800+ retail locations. In order to “fuel growth and drive…

Target Takes a Swipe at Amazon, Lowers Free Shipping Threshold to $25

Target saw record online sales during Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, and it looks like that strong performance made the company think about how to increase its online presence even more. Dropping free shipping thresholds to $25, $10 below online retail…

Target Ticket, a Thing That Was Kind of Alive, Is Now Dead

Companies launch new products and shutter flailing products all the time, and it often goes unnoticed. You might not know anything about Target Ticket, and you might not care. But Target Tickets exists, at least for now. Target has just…

Cyber Monday 2014: Target Online Deals

Cyber Monday, the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, was a term coined in 2005, as a marketing ploy to encourage consumers to shop for their wares online. In 2013, Cyber Monday online sales grew by 20.6% over 2012, hitting a…