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Study: The High Cost of Gasoline Study: The High Cost of Gasoline

How many times have you personally made the choice to not go on a trip or made dinner plans around how much gas you are going to spend in the process. You have probably heard this and said it your …

Pew Surveys Perceptions of How Always-On Technology Will Impact Generation Y Pew Surveys Perceptions of How Always-On Technology Will Impact Generation Y

The Pew Research Center designed a survey to assess how tech insiders, critics, and students perceive how always-on technology (AOT) will impact teens and twenty-somethings of the Y Generation. The survey was administered online from August 28 to October 31, …

Who Are The Richest People In America? Who Are The Richest People In America?
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A joint survey conducted by 463 Communications and JZ Analytic has revealed some very interesting facts about Americas perceptions of who the top 1% of income earners are and what kinds of lives they lead. The survey results come from …

Facebook Timeline Users Are Unhappy: Infographic Facebook Timeline Users Are Unhappy: Infographic

Whether you love the new Timeline or despise its very creation, you’re getting it, like it or not. Recently SodaHead.com surveyed its users and the results are predominately not in favor for the Timeline. SodaHead.com is the world’s largest opinion …

More Voters Worry About Censorship Than Piracy

In the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding SOPA and PIPA, it may be wise to take a step back and see what the average voter thinks about issues like piracy and internet censorship. That’s exactly what Rasmussen Reports has …

iPad Popular Among IT And Business Professionals iPad Popular Among IT And Business Professionals
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The iPad is loved by consumers, but it’s loved even more by business professionals. IDG Connect recently conducted a survey that said that 91% of business professionals use an iPad more for business communication than personal communication. IDG says that …

Report: LinkedIn Members Ready for CES 2012 Innovations Report: LinkedIn Members Ready for CES 2012 Innovations
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With CES shaking up the tech world in Las Vegas this week, a new report from LinkedIn reveals that business professionals are more than willing to get their hands on all the new products and services. The network released its 2012 Consumer Electronics Report, in which it surveyed 1,602 U.S. adults, half of which are active LinkedIn members, and the other half who represented the general U.S. population.

Study Shows Texting, Social Media Popular Worldwide Study Shows Texting, Social Media Popular Worldwide

Pew Research Center has released the results of a 21-country survey on mobile phone usage. The study cast a wide net, covering countries of widely varying economic status – from the United States and Japan to Indonesia and Kenya. In …

Does Anyone Support SOPA? Does Anyone Support SOPA?
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I mean, besides the AAs of the world (the RIAA, the MPAA)? Granted, the backlash took a little longer to get than some of us would have liked, but it’s here now, and even though the hearings for SOPA have …

iPhone 5 Survey – 35% of Consumers to Buy upon Release iPhone 5 Survey – 35% of Consumers to Buy upon Release
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The anticipation surrounding the latest version of the iPhone is at an all-time high. Rumors about the iPhone 5 are emerging almost daily and are ranging from the projected release date to what features it may contain. While a lot of the news is still speculation, at this point, one thing that is clear is that consumers can’t wait to get their hands on the new smartphone.

New Smartphone Buyers Want Apple First, Android Second New Smartphone Buyers Want Apple First, Android Second

When new smartphone buyers go to purchase their new device, odds are, they’ll be selecting an iPhone over Android and other competitors to Apple’s apparent mobile thrown. That’s what a new survey from ChangeWave Research tells us, and while Apple’s …

LinkedIn #1 Social Network, Says Report LinkedIn #1 Social Network, Says Report
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A recent study from marketing agency Performics revealed that 59 percent of social networkers found LinkedIn to be their most important social network. The survey was conducted by ROI Research and looked at nearly 3,000 people that actively use social networks.

Gamers More Social Than Non-Gamers, According to Study

Most gamers are thought to be people that live in their parents’ basement, drink Mountain Dew and energy drinks, and play video games until the wee hours of the morning. But, a new study from Mocospace reveals information that debunks this theory. The mobile social network conducted a survey and found that gamers are actually more social than non-gamers.

Teens Be iPhonein’ Teens Be iPhonein’
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While the grammatically-butchered title is indeed a play on a Dave Chapelle “Women be shoppin’” bit from the The Nutty Professor, the sentiment applies here. Simply put, teens love their iPhones. While this may not come as a surprise — …

Remote Controls Over Sex?
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If you had your choice, would you get up and turn the television channel manually or would you give up sex?  The answers, at least 36% of them, might surprise you.

Thanks to a just-in-time-for-Valentine’s-Day survey conducted by Logitech, they discovered 36 percent of Americans would rather give up having sex instead of their remote control.  It’s been said that those who wield the remote control, wield the power of the household, but at what cost?

iPod and Blackberry Listed as Most Prized Possession

Only 1% of people regard their wedding ring as their most valued asset,  accroding to a survey  carried out on Facebook in August on behalf of insurance firm Protect Your Bubble, with 12% of the 500 respondents voting for their iPods as their most prized possession, just outdoing the Blackberry, which received 11.5% of the votes.

Meanwhile, cars were the favourites of only 4% of people on the social network. Dogs got 9% of the vote and cats received 5%.

Length Of Online Video Viewing Increases

A new eMarketer survey points to a brighter future for online concerts and other forms of long form music videos. “If the first iteration of online video was about silly pet tricks on YouTube, the next wave will be about professionally produced full-length content…” according to Paul Verna, eMarketer senior analyst.

Trends Of A Teenage Hacker

 When it comes to hacking social networks, girls are showing that they are more practical than boys in terms of what they are doing. Girls are more likely to go after information that leads to bank accounts, while boys are more likely to hack social networks in a survey conducted in England by Trend Micro. 

Why CMO’s Prefer Short Term Marketing Strategy In This Economic Climate


Statistics About Why People Use Twitter

In a recent 

Customer Service Makes A Showing On Social Networks

Do you use the web to complain about poor customer service? (Maybe I should say "thanks," because you keep me busy with reputation management clients).

Well, if you do, you’re not alone. According to a new study by Society for New Communications Research 59% of respondents said they regularly use social media to "vent" about a poor customer service experience.

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