IPad Kills the Competition in Customer Satisfaction

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In a new survey, ChangeWave Research finds that iPad owners are twice as likely to be satisfied with their tablet purchase than those that bought a competing brand.

The survey compares the New iPad, the iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, and a catch-all category for all other tablets on the market. The winner was clearly the New iPad, with its older counterpart in a close second.

Customers think that Android has to correct many issues before it will be able to compete with Apple. The inability to use Android Apps on every Android tablet is a key reason Android users are not satisfied. Many Android tablet users can not access even the most widespread apps, like Hulu.

Apps on Android and the Kindle Fire tend to come out much later than the iPad, leaving those that like to play social games behind the trend curve. And when the Apps finally do come to these devices, they do not always work as well as they do on the iPad.

The Kindle Fire also suffers from the inability to access all of the apps on the Android Market, errr Google Play.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab beats the Kindle Fire in the rating of "Very Satisfied", those Kindle owners that did not select Very Satisfied often chose "Somewhat Satisfied" - more so than Galaxy owners. Nearly 4 times as many people chose "somewhat unsatisfied" for Galaxy than the Fire.

The survey was comprised of 2,893 consumers in North America, and also took tally on current tablet demand trends in North America. They found that demand has leveled off to normal with 7% of people surveyed saying they planned on buying a tablet in the future. Of those, 73% said they wanted a iPad. Kindle Fire was a distance second at 8% - Demand for the product plummeted just a few months after its release in November of last year.

Adding to the Kindle's woes could be the release of an iPad-mini later this year. Three percent of respondents in the survey said they would be very likely to buy one. 14% said they would be "somewhat likely" to buy. These numbers already reflect a higher demand than the Kindle Fire.

However, Amazon is rumored to also be coming out with a new color-e-ink reader this holiday season. This could be a huge step in swaying those that use their tablet primarily for reading over to Kindle's side.

It is going to have to be some powerful sway, however. Right now iPad is dominating the market almost to the point of total control.

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