iPhone 5 Survey - 35% of Consumers to Buy upon Release

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The anticipation surrounding the latest version of the iPhone is at an all-time high. Rumors about the iPhone 5 are emerging almost daily and are ranging from the projected release date to what features it may contain. While a lot of the news is still speculation, at this point, one thing that is clear is that consumers can't wait to get their hands on the new smartphone.

Do you hope to be one of the first consumers to purchase an iPhone 5? Let us know.

A survey from online shopping website PriceGrabber added to this perception when it found that more than one third of consumers (35%) planned to buy the new iPhone as soon as it comes out. The study surveyed over 2,800 consumers and discovered that 7 percent of the respondents said they would purchase it within the first week, 14 percent within the first month, and 51 percent within the first year.

"There's always buzz around the iPhone release, and our survey found that consumers are really looking to stay up to date with the latest trends," said James Brown, the Senior Director of Merchant Accounts with PriceGrabber.

The study also looked at what consumers want in the iPhone 5 in terms of features and functions. As Brown explained to us, consumers desire "practicality" above all else. Respondents would like to see increased battery life, lower costs, 4G network compatibility, larger screen size, and an improved camera.

Another interesting finding from the survey revealed that consumers are using their smartphones to enhance their offline shopping experience. They are using their mobile devices to do comparison shopping, to find local deals through geo-location apps, and to also take advantage of daily deals in their area.

"Online consumers aren't just at home anymore, they're out and about; and, more importantly, they're using their smartphone technology to really aid them in their shopping experience," said Brown.

With mobile devices getting smarter, the competition between Apple and Google is getting stronger as well. Google is said to dominate the mobile market with its Android devices, but Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster recently projected that the iPhone 5 could double Apple's market share, which would put it back on top.

Do you see the iPhone 5 giving Apple the extra leverage it needs to dominate the mobile market?

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