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Vote For Your SXSW SEO Sessions

The initial submissions of session suggestions for the Interactive portion of SXSW that made the first cut have been published. Now it’s up to the voting public to decide which sessions make it next. I’ve heard a bit of feedback from last year’s attendees on the quality of content in the search engine optimization sessions, so it will be nice to see what makes it this year.

Twitter Topic: OnStartUps

I’ve been (personally) using Twitter more frequently lately because more people I know are using it. 

Not sure how many people really care where I’m having dinner.  But, I figure there are many more people interested in startups.  So, I’ve kicked off a Twitter account for OnStartups.

If you are interested in getting pithy insights, quick tips and short quips On Startups on Twitter, follow OnStartups on Twitter:  

German Startups Imitated Tribbles In 2007

We know, we know – it’s almost March.  But a story a story relating to what ended a few months ago just emerged, and it turns out that in comparison to 2006, the number of German Internet companies created in 2007 more than tripled.

Try Hiring the Next Seth Godin

A recent article by Zoli Erdos really got me to thinking about startup hiring. The article was titled "Startups: Executive Hiring Challenges or Beware of the Suits".

Tips For Startups Can Apply To Any Business

If you’ve ever trained a newbie, you know that there’s a lot of routine stuff you’ll sigh your way through.  Questions or comments may bring up entirely new ideas, however, and it’s for this reason that many businesses, whether they’re new or old, can learn from tips for startups.

Who has the Best Startup Blog?

I’ve been reading startup blogs for as long as there have been startup blogs.

I’m a fan of Joel Spolsky.  I’m impressed with his wit and humor.  Some of his older stuff was really good, but most of his newer stuff just hasn’t struck me in the same way.  But, maybe that’s just me.

I’m a fan of Paul Graham.  I’m impressed with his intelligence and ability to really cover a topic well in a way that makes sense and appeals to my analytical side.

Working For Google “Worst Decision”?

It’s a well-known fact that Google frequently lets its employees do their own thing on company time.  Many of those employees then come up with brilliant ideas, but the search engine giant – wealthy as it is – doesn’t have money to pursue them all.  In the long term, do those employees go on to get rich, or get screwed?

Perhaps Entrepreneurs Can Stay East After All

A little while I ago, I wrote an article on this blog titled

What Does Carson Daly Know About Social Media?

I have no idea, but he’s on the speaker lineup at the EconSM (economics of social media) conference put on by Paidcontent.org, being held on April 27th in Beverly Hills.

How VCs Can Help Software Startups in India

This article is a continuation of my series of articles on software startups in India (a topic I know very little about, but am hopeful that I can spark interesting conversation in the comments).

Startups: Compete With Your Customers

Before we go too much further, let me explain a bit further what I mean when I say “competing with customers”.

Startups Can Innovate Better Than Big Companies

Don Dodge wrote a couple of great articles recently titled “Why Startups Innovate While Big Companies Incrementally Improve” and “What do the PC, Mac and Xbox All Have In Common“.

Is The Valley Better For Software Startups?

I want to start out by saying that this is one of the more troubling articles that I’ve written for this blog.

Cheapskates the Best Early Customers for Startups?

So, do cheapskates make the best early customers for a startup. In a word: No.

False Encouragement and Business Startups

Business people often need encouragement in their startup business phase. Getting that fledgling company ready to fly on its journey to success is a challenging and often lonely journey.

Things I Learned at the Web 2.0 Summit

After a weekend to reflect, I’ve come up with the Top 10 Things I Learned at the Web 2.0 Summit that was put on by O’Reilly and hosted by John Battelle.

The Week In GeekLove: MyBlackBook.org

Are the names and faces of your nocturnal exploits beginning to fade into a maybe-I-should-get-tested blur, there stud? Liar, they are not. But if your fantasy world is rich enough, and if you’re worried your mom’s going to find your little black book (she’s not here, is she?), then maybe you should move that top-secret information online.

Skype Buys Startups To Expand Technology

Ebay-owned Skype acquired San Francisco-based Sonorit Holding AS and its US subsidiary Camino Networks, Inc. for about $27 million, or 700,000 shares of eBay stock.

Startups, Y Combinator Style

In the last week I’ve had the chance to play with a few new services that have begun to appear:

Beta View of What Start-ups Look like

Click on the image to see the slightly larger (and better in-focus) original on Flickr.

Software Suggestions For Startups

Silicon Valley venture capitalists vie with Google and Yahoo to shower money on the latest, greatest idea; this is a brief summary of two approaches to building one’s presence.