Both Bloggers and Advertisers Win with New Crowd Sourcing Platform

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It's clear that bloggers have helped many companies improve their rankings in search and also their position across social media sites. However, the challenging part for both bloggers and companies is connecting.

Understanding this challenge, Pavan Katepalli came up with the idea to create a platform that would make these relationships much easier to build. His idea is called Bloggers Compete and is a platform where advertisers can encourage a crowd of bloggers to compete over a specific topic for a prize.

Through the service, advertisers create a contest for bloggers to write about a topic. Interested bloggers can then publish a post on their own blog and distribute it across social media sites. The advertiser then chooses a winner(s), and that blogger(s) gets the prize.

The benefit for the blogger is, obviously, the prize. The advertiser, on the other hand, not only gets the social exposure and increased search ranking, but it also gets targeted traffic from all these places.

"That targeted traffic - it's kind of permanent cause it stays on Facebook, it stays on Twitter, [and] it stays on Google for a very long time," said Katepalli.

Before a blogger is able to participate, it does have to meet certain qualifications. For instance, Bloggers Compete looks at their Google PageRank, their readership, their level of engagement, and a few other aspects to make sure that they are eligible.

Katepalli told us that he would like the platform to evolve into a community for bloggers. He wants to incentivize bloggers by offering perks to the ones that participate frequently.

He also pointed out that he sees this type of advertising working hand in hand with traditional advertising methods. He said that people are involved in a lot of different areas and that it is important for companies to be present in all these places as well.