How Qwiki Brings Interactivity to Information Consumption

IT Management

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Qwiki, the startup backed by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim is, not surprisingly, gaining a lot of attention. The company can add winning TechCrunch Disrupt to its resume as well. So, what is this startup doing to gain all this attention?

According to CeCe Cheng, Qwiki's Communications Director, users like the experience that the service offers. While Qwiki has gained a lot media attention, she believes that it is largely a result of the favorable response from users.

"People use Qwiki, and they really like it... we believe that part of the reason is because that this is the way that people want to get their information," she said.

In summary, Qwiki is an information resource that gives users interactive wiki knowledge through audio/visual presentations. As Cheng explained, Qwiki's algorithms crawl the Web to assemble the most relevant information on any given topic.

Although some have labeled Qwiki as a search engine, the company says it is not one. Cheng said that while Qwiki does possess some of the same qualities as a search engine, it plans on rolling out more products that will clearly distinguish the two.

For example, the company is expected to release an iPad app in the coming weeks. Cheng hinted that it would be releasing more new features soon as well.

As consumers, do you prefer receiving information through an interactive experience like Qwiki provides, or not?