MC Hammer Announces WireDoo, A Relationship-Based Search Engine

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Although you probably know MC Hammer as that guy with that song with those pants, the 49-year-old pop-rap pioneer has become quite the tech nerd in the last few years. He's dipped his toes in startups and is a fixture at tech events like Tech Crunch Disrupt and the Web 2.0 summit

And at this year's Web 2.0 summit, Hammer announced the imminent launch of his own search engine - WireDoo.

Set to officially launch sometime in December, WireDoo is currently in pre-beta. simply prompts visitors to sign up for email alerts when the service becomes ready to use. But Hammer gave Web 2.0 a taste of what to expect.

Hammer explained that WireDoo is a "relationship-driven" deep search that he describes as "searches that go beyond the generalities, that give you more relative information in a consistent way, in one environment."

For example, say you searched for a home. Along with the traditional results - the listings with real estate companies, the location - you will also see related content like information on surrounding schools, neighborhood activities, nearby restaurants, etc. Click on that related information and you will go even deeper. Say you clicked on nearby schools, you might see related information about GPA averages, teachers at the school, transportation and more.

He noted that "it's about relationships, beyond the keywords."

WireDoo is going to have to show up to the party with something incredibly special to take on the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo - but who knows? Maybe Hammer is hiding something awesome in those parachute pants.

Here's Hammer discussing his new search engine:

And here's this...because I absolutely tried and failed to resist it:

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