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Ask Enters Contextual Ad Space

Sites under the IAC arcology will be the first to display contextual advertising from the Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) network, with an interesting twist on what gets displayed.

U.S. Military To Put Router In Space
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The U.S. Department of Defense, in conjunction with Intelsat, Cisco, and several other companies, intends to put an Internet router into space.  While impressive, it’s not quite “Star Wars” . . . .  Think “orbital communications,” instead.

Google, Microsoft Want Some (White) Space

Google and Microsoft aren’t always rivals. Quite often in government matters they’re pals – Network Neutrality is a good example. Most recently the two tech behemoths have squared off against the Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV) over unused broadcast spectrum.

Google Provides 120TB Storage to Hubble Researchers

Google’s entered the moving and storage business. No, not PODS, but the technological equivalent – they’re helping Hubble researchers transfer 120 terabytes of data and offering storage too.

Google, Microsoft To Invade White Space?
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When Google, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard team up, you know big things are a-happening.  In this case, all five companies want to make the Internet accessible through traditional television airwaves.

Banned Domains Let Back into Digg

It seems Digg has unbanned a list of sites by letting them back in. From what I have noticed here are the sites that have been allowed back in.

Office’s Space – Starring: Google
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Google has released a Premier version of their Apps program for businesses. Google Apps are Google powered services/features you can add to your website. Basically Google Apps consist of popular Google applications like Gmail, Calendar and Spreadsheets that you could add to your site for the benefit of your users.

Mobile Search War Heats Up

Business Week looks at the battle to dominate the mobile search space and its estimated $11.4 billion ad spend by 2011.

While Google has the lead, Yahoo is making a strong challenge and there are a many white-label providers out there.

Online Video – Complete Guide

Hat’s off to Read/WriteWeb for their outstanding compilation of companies in the online video space.

This is definitely something to go in your bookmarks, with info on:

  •   Video Sharing
  •   Intermediaries
  • Video Search
  • Video eCommerce
  • Video Editing & Creation
  •  Rich Media Advertising
Pondering a Google Project in Social Space

Google’s Niniane Wang is currently leading a team of Googlers to develop a new product in the social application space.

Google Looks To Space

As reported by Ionut Alex. Chitu, Google is partnering with scientists who are building a giant sky-scanning telescope, hoping to give the public access to digital photos of space, including asteroids, supernovas and distant galaxies.

Where Is HDS In The CAS Space?

I was chatting with fellow ESG’er and avid HDS proponent Tony Asaro about an unrelated matter – how HDS has really been one of the few to take advantage of the V word – they use it as a differentiator on their big Tagma USP gear and it’s getting them deals.

Google/NASA Enter Space Pact
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Google and NASA Ames Research Center have signed a “Space Act Agreement” to pool their collective technological expertise to address issues ranging from large-scale data management and massively distributed computing, to human-computer interfaces.

How Much Space Do You Need With Your Hosting Account?
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Web hosting is an extremely competitive field and most web hosts will offer some rather large amounts of space in an effort to sell you on their services.

Search Happenings November 2006

You’ve probably heard of Top 5 or Top 10 lists but probably not Top 7. This the spin of uniqueness SEO Space has done for their latest post: Top 7 Search Happenings November 2006.

Controlling Disk Space w/ Symbolic Links

I’ve covered this in other articles here, but when I went searching for something to point a customer at I had a little trouble finding it, so we’ll do it here:

Hotmail Increases Storage

Microsoft has increased the storage space in Hotmail to one gigabyte, bringing it in line with what Yahoo Mail offers.

Google Space Just A Rumor

With Google’s proposed Googlunaplex and Google Mars, it’s understandable that Techcrunch got all excited over the weekend at rumors Google had purchased the private space ship SpaceShipOne.

Website Design: Welcome The White Space

Individuals who are new to website development will often compartmentalize the web page and fill every available space with either text or graphics.

Blogging From Space

I’d imagine that until you’ve blogged from space, you’ve lost all bragging rights. Anousheh Ansari, who recently became the first female private space explorer, takes a break from watching a few of the 32 sunsets and sunrises to blog about what it’s like up there – and to give the Googleplex a call.

Sony Entering Web Video Sharing Space

Sony Pictures Entertainment is making a foray into the fast expanding world of Web video sharing by grouper.com Web site