Sacramento Area Mother Finds Meteorite Worth $20,000

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Brenda Salveson is just a regular mother. She like to bring her kids and dog to the park in Lotus, California almost every day for a walk. During her walk, she found a particular rock that caught her eye. Turns out that "rock" is a meteorite that is about 4 billion years old and worth about $20,000.Sshe didn't realize was that some meteorites fell in the area several days before, prompting a "gold rush" of sorts. That is funny because this town of Lotus is located right next door to Coloma, California where gold was discovered that prompted the California gold rush.

Thousands of people were coming from as far away as Australia and Canada to try and grab one and she just happened upon one. “As I opened my hand, there was a huge gasp,” from the geologists, treasure hunters and scientists that took a look at Brenda’s find. She then had Brenda had geologists and NASA scientists confirm that it was indeed a meteorite.

The meteorite she found was found weighs 17 grams, equal to just over a tablespoon of sugar, but it's real worth is almost priceless. “I was lucky, blessed, good karma,” Brenda said. “It was sitting there at my toes like an Easter egg.”

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