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Facebook Has New Suggestions for New Users
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Facebook has launched a new feature for suggesting pages of interest to new users. New people who join Facebook will be presented with a list of Pages that other people in a "similar demographic" like.

Facebook Offers Scholarship to Female Computer Science Students
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Facebook has announced a new scholarship, the Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship, which it will award to 5 women university students excelling in Computer Science, to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference. The conference takes place in Atlanta from September 28tht to October 2nd.

Facebook Testing Facial Detection for Tagging in Photos

Facebook is testing some new features for photos. One such feature is a new way of tagging people.

Do You Experience Facebook Fatigue?
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Facebook may be in big trouble. Mashable is pointing to a study from Roiworld that surveyed 600 teenagers, and found that while 80% of them are spending two hours per day online (on average), they are also showing signs of Facebook fatigue. According to this survey, one in five who have a Facebook account are either using it less or no longer visit it at all.

Facebook Reveals Some Details About How it Handles Spam
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Facebook has revealed a little bit of information about how it looks at spam. The company says it wants to be more transparent about how it handles it.

Along with this transparency is a new message explaining why content might be blocked. It looks something like this:

Facebook and CrowdStar Enter Five-Year Agreement Around Facebook Credits
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CrowdStar, the makers of popular (on Facebook) games like "Happy Aquarium," "Happy Island," "Zoo Paradise," "Happy Pets," and "Hello City", has entered into a five-year strategic relationship with Facebook, in order to accelerate growth of these games.

Facebook Thinks Email is “Probably Going Away”
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Facebook thinks email is dying. Classic. How many times have we heard this now? Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave a speech at the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference recently, essentially claiming as much.

Do you think email is dying? Comment here.

Twitter Breaks its Tweets Per Second Record a Week After Setting it
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Last week, Twitter announced that it had broken a record for tweets per second (3,085), courtesy of the Lakers beating the Celtics in the NBA Championship. Now they have already topped this a week later.

Today, Twitter announced the new record of 3,283 tweets per second, this time coming as a result of Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark in the World Cup. These tweets came in as the final whistle was blown in the game.

Twitter Aims to Make Finding Your Real Friends Easier

Twitter has updated its "Find Friends" feature, which could go a long way in getting users who are still skeptical about how Twitter can be useful to them, to have more of a reason to keep using the service.

Twitter’s New “Forces of Good” Stream

Back in January, Twitter launched Hope140.org, a site dedicated to showing the ways that Twitter is helping the world. Now, they’ve launched a Twitter account for it. Today, co-founder Biz Stone tweeted about it:

LinkedIn Makes Some Changes to Groups
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LinkedIn has released some updates to its Groups feature. This is the first major update to Groups since the company launched discussions last summer.

For starters, LinkedIn has eliminated the wall between onsite comments and off-site content like shared news articles.  A new design makes it easier to look at the latest updates of a discussion and comment.

Social Media Users Probably Not Doing Enough to Protect Their IDs
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A new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Experian’s ProtectMyID.com found that people are doing little to protect their personal information on social networks, opening them up to increased vulnerability for ID theft. While about 80% of those surveyed expressed concern about security around social media, over half of them aren’t doing anything about it.

Does the World Still Need Twitter?
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Twitter users know that the service goes down fairly often, but that doesn’t seem to alienate them. While Twitter has certainly had its issues with user retention in the past, it continues to grow. Last month, the site grew by nearly 10% (over the previous month) by our estimates, with total registered users estimated at 122 million.

Now You Can “Like” Comments on Facebook
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Facebook is rolling out a feature that lets you "like" comments on posts just as you can the post itself. It’s a simple feature that has surprisingly been absent until now, but now it’s here.

Facebook Fan/Business Pages: Worth The Hype?
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Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to connect with people, build your credibility and ultimately generate leads and grow your business. The problem is most people are making one BIG mistake when it comes to their pages, keep reading to find out what that mistake is. But first…

What Are Facebook Fan/Business Pages And Why Do You Need One?

Can You Put a Dollar Amount on a Facebook Fan?

Facebook is bigger than anyone ever imagined it would be, and it’s not done growing. Businesses are finding more ways to use it to their benefit, and more people seem to be willing to get involved with brands on the social network.

What value would you place on a Facebook fan? Let us know.

Symantec Urges World Cup Fans to Use Caution on Facebook and Twitter

Security firm Symantec has announced that during the World Cup it expects social media activity to spike dramatically, and predicts a concurrent rise in fraudulent activity on the web in general, and social networks in particular.

How Open Web Developers Are Trying to Make Social Media Better for You, the User
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Last week, a new open protocol called OExchange was released with the aim of simplifying sharing. Right out of the door, it had names like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn signed on. WebProNews spoke with Google’s Open Web advocate, Chris Messina about how the protocol could benefit businesses and site owners.

Facebook Improves Analytics, Should Help Businesses Monetize
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At this point, most businesses have probably come to the realization that they are missing out on some serious opportunities if they do not have a Facebook presence.

MySpace Partners with Ad.ly on In-Stream Ads
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MySpace announced today that it has struck a deal with Ad.ly, an ad service that serves in-stream advertisements, known mostly for its Twitter-related efforts. The deal will let content creators across MySpace (including celebrities, filmmakers, musicians and "social influencers") reach their fans and monetize their activity via the MySpace stream and Ad.ly, MySpace says.

People Not So Eager to Quit Facebook After All?
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Yesterday was not only Memorial Day, but "Quit Facebook Day" as well – at least according to QuitFacebookDay.com and its highly-publicized initiative to get people to band together and leave the popular social network. That day has come and gone, and while it did manage to get 34,424 to quit (allegedly), it has pretty much been deemed a failure. Despite all the hoopla around Facebook quitting and privacy concerns, it appears that people are just not ready to part with their profiles, as they have become too big a part of their lives.