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Reddit Helps Find Missing Mom with Alzheimer’s in NYC

I’ll be the first to admit, when someone says “reddit is on the case!” I tend to cringe a bit. We all remember that unfortunate situation shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings were the reddit sleuths took it upon themselves to figure the whole thing out. We know how that ended. But sometimes the crowdsourcing works. Yesterday, a New York …

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YouTube Launches New Campaigns Tool for Nonprofits

It’s campaign season, and YouTube has been an integral part of that by streaming the conventions and debates live on their Elections Hub. Now, they’re turning to another type of campaign. YouTube has just launched another tool to help the nonprofit organizations enrolled in their YouTube Nonprofit program. Now, YouTube wants to give channel owners a “digital thermometer” for their …

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Touch Yourself for Breast Cancer Awareness, and Share It on Facebook

This isn’t your mother’s breast cancer awareness campaign. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a result you may have seen a lot of pink ribbons floating around. That’s cool and all, but another campaign just wants you to touch yourself. “This October, Women’s Health + F*ck Cancer want you to Touch Yourself. Seriously! Not only is it entertaining, …

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How’s That for Karma: Reddit Earns Guinness Record for Largest Online Secret Santa Game

The crown jewel of reddit’s international anonymous gift exchange program redditgifts, the secret santa contest, has just been awarded a Guinness World Record. Reddit first announced their intentions of going for a World Record back in November of 2011. Their secret santa contest from 2010 had over 17,0000 participants from 90 different countries, a record in its own right. But …

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When Things Fall Apart: New Red Cross Campaign Destroys, Then Reassembles Your Twitter Pic

I’ll admit, I’m one of the most skeptical people you will find when it comes to lackadaisical social media activism. Some people call it “slacktivism,” and I tend to agree in most circumstances. If you change your Facebook or Twitter profile pic for a few days, or maybe a week, does it really do anything to help a cause? And …

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