How's That for Karma: Reddit Earns Guinness Record for Largest Online Secret Santa Game

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The crown jewel of reddit's international anonymous gift exchange program redditgifts, the secret santa contest, has just been awarded a Guinness World Record.

Reddit first announced their intentions of going for a World Record back in November of 2011. Their secret santa contest from 2010 had over 17,0000 participants from 90 different countries, a record in its own right. But they wanted to make it official with the Guinness people.

And with secret santa 2011, they've done it. Well, you've done. The World Record-winning totals were 30,250 participants in 115 different countries.

According to reddit, we can thank someguyfromcanada for this record:

In March 2011 (I think) we started getting PMs and emails from the reddit user someguyfromcanada. He was saying that he wanted to make it his personal mission to get reddit and redditgifts into the record books. He started with tweets and emails directed at Guinness, took the campaign to the reddit community and eventually, months later, Guinness decided that they were going to create a new world's record category for us! So everyone, please, take a moment and thank someguyfromcanada. Without him, this would have never happened.

This year's secret santa game will be even bigger, according to reddit. But of course, you shouldn't wait until December to join redditgifts and start gifting all over the world.

In celebration, here are some reddit employees with their Guinness World Record, drinking some Guinness.

[via redditgifts]
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