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Who said the interwebs were only for trolling, stalking and porn?

The Reddit community has rallied around one of their own and helped him make this best of a bad situation. About a month ago a Reddit user, BigPapiC-Dog, posted a plea for help on AskReddit. His wedding was fast approaching and he had just received the devastating news that he had lost his venue. I can't even imagine the freakout that occurred when he told his fiance the news - *shudder*.

BigPapiC-Dog demonstrated to the Reddit community that all the cards were stacked against him. At three weeks away, finding a new venue was going to be tough. June is a popular month for weddings, so that was going to make it near impossible to find a new one on short notice. He couldn't just move the thing to a later date because friends and family had already gotten plane tickets and both bride and groom had gotten off work for their honeymoon.

Plus they needed a private residence in order to make use of the $1,500 worth of booze they had already purchased for the reception.

So BigPapiC first asked if he could have his wedding at someone's house. "We will clean up after ourselves," he said.

Over 1000 comments poured in, some offering up their places for the unlucky couple and many giving suggestions on how to "make their own venue" per say - and how to make it work. Users suggested ideas for the wedding, reception and everything in between. It would up that the best idea involved having the entire thing in a huge field. They apparently decided on his wife's uncle's farm. Suggestions for that included everything from bounce tents to a bamboo mat dance floor.

Before the wedding, he updated the post with this thank you to the Redditors -

Over 800 redditors have commented and made terrific suggestions or just wished me well. This is why I come here. Just as I start to lose faith in humanity (I am not saying that this one event shook my faith in other people, it's a generalization), you people all remind me of how good other human beings can be to each other without any sort of motive or incentive (except comment karma?). Thanks so much to everyone for your suggestions and kind words. I again promise to post pictures of the special day, and update with something more than "it went okay"

And just a few hours ago, BigPapiC posted an update about his wedding to the Redditors.

Fucking AWESOME. I can't even say "it went okay" as a joke. It was epic. We took the "have it in a field" idea, and really ran with it. After three solid weeks of work cleaning and prepping, my wife's uncle's farm was ready for action. It is a big property, and he has horses, cows, pigs and goats. We cleared out a cow pasture for parking and set up a tent by the stables. The stables were filled with his best horses (Pasofinos for those who care) and one of the stalls had some week-and-a-half old puppies that were just born. We moved the wedding from 6 to 7, and the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, and the breeze started up about 30 minutes before the ceremony.

And he made good on his word, posting pictures of what looks like it was a pretty fun event.

Oh, internets - just when I think you have no good left in you, you go and do something like this - and totally redeem yourself. Random people pretty much became this guy's wedding planners. And it looks like the moral of this story is that it's not about the's about the people. It's about love, and (puke)....

[Hat tip to Boing Boing]
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