YouTube Launches New Campaigns Tool for Nonprofits

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It's campaign season, and YouTube has been an integral part of that by streaming the conventions and debates live on their Elections Hub. Now, they're turning to another type of campaign.

YouTube has just launched another tool to help the nonprofit organizations enrolled in their YouTube Nonprofit program. Now, YouTube wants to give channel owners a "digital thermometer" for their videos.

It's simply called "Campaigns," and it allows YouTube Nonprofit members to set specific goals and broadcast them to viewers.

"This new feature allows nonprofits to create campaigns with goals like increasing views or subscribers, track their progress, and let people to contribute to their goals," says the company in a blog post. "A campaign consists of one or more videos...Once a campaign is created, videos in that campaign will show an overlay on them, encouraging viewers to contribute to the campaign."

Not only will the video itself show an overlay with the progress bar, but the campaign will display front and center on the nonprofit's channel. The Campaigns box with show the goal progress bar, how many days left in the campaign, as well as the number of new shares of the particular video(s).

According to YouTube, they now have over 18,000 nonprofits enrolled in the program. They recently gave the option to include a more prominent donate button inside videos and also held the Next Cause program, a summit that enables charitable organizations to participate in a summit that gave them information on how to better achieve their goals.

Josh Wolford
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