Gwyneth Paltrow Failed the Food Stamp Challenge, But Taught the Lesson

Gwyneth Paltrow Failed the Food Stamp Challenge, But Taught the Lesson

By Mike Tuttle April 16, 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow has caught a lot of flak for participating in a “food stamp challenge” from chef Mario Batali. But the naysayers are missing the point. Gwyneth Paltrow took Mario Batali up on his challenge to feed her family on …

Food Stamps: Benefits Cut By $5 Billion Food Stamps: Benefits Cut By $5 Billion


An automatic cut to the food stamp program–known as SNAP–will go into effect today after the temporary expansion from a 2009 stimulus expires, meaning about 47 million people will need to dramatically alter their food budgets. The program may see …

House Votes for $4 Billion Cut in SNAP Funding House Votes for $4 Billion Cut in SNAP Funding

The House has just voted to cut roughly $4 billion a year from food stamp funding, a program 1 in 7 Americans are now using. The 217-210 vote will call for a 5% spending reduction, and was a victory for …

Ad:Tech – Snap.com Launches Snap Shots Ad Network

Snap.com will today announce the launch of its Snap Shots Ad Network. You may recall that Snap offers the link mouse-over pop-ups–briefly tested by us last year–designed to show you the location of a link before you actually click on it.

Google, SearchMash Partner With Snap
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SearchMash is Google’s experimental engine; you can think of it as another Google Labs.  And now a Flash version of SearchMash has become available, which has some people wondering about Google’s relationship with Snap – and the future of Google.com.

MySpace Acquires Photobucket – Now Confirmed

Although the deal has yet to be confirmed by either party, it appears that MySpace did, in fact, acquire Photobucket.  And although the figure $300 million has been mentioned, the terms of the arrangement (assuming such an arrangement exists) remain unknown.

Snap Snaps On Bloggers For IntelliTXT Comparison
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When Google slid its new Text Link Ad product under the Pay-Per-Action rug, bloggers who noticed immediately started comparing the in-text advertisements to Snap.com’s content preview bubbles. But Snap.com’s none to happy about being lumped into the same camp as IntelliTXT.

Google Testing PPA AdWords

It’s been rumored for a while, but it’s finally being tested, as Google has announced a beta program to test pay-per-action (PPA) AdWords bidding. The Snap search engine has done PPA for years, but obviously it is big news when Google does it. I first speculated on this two years ago when Google acquired the Urchin analytics firm (now Google Analytics), but it’s finally here. What does it mean to search marketers?

Snap Preview Available On Xanga

Snap.com has made the Snap Preview Anywhere, a Web site service that delivers site previews, available to all members of the Xanga.com weblog community. Snap Preview Anywhere allows visitors to a Xanga weblog to have access to previews of linked sites.

“Our users have really embraced Snap Previews," said Bob Hiler, VP of Advertising at Xanga.com. "The response has been tremendous – less than 0.1% of our millions of users have opted-out of having Snap Previews on their Xanga sites."


I liked the last paragraph of Carla Schroder’s “Run Zeroconf for Linux in a Snap

Motorola Takes A Snap At Samsung On YouTube

Motorola is getting the stink-eye from Samsung after a Motorola-owned video spoof showed up on YouTube. The 15-second video showed a woman snapping a Samsung’s 6.9 millimeter-thick Ultra mobile phone in half.

Bill Gross Returns In A Snap

The man who is probably most responsible for Yahoo’s and Google’s advertising success has revamped his search site to mingle sponsored and organic results together.

Buying Domain Names

Over at the SEM 2.0 discussion group run by Andrew Goodman, there’s a thread about buying domain names that has been offering some excellent suggestions.

Microsoft Releases Add-Ons For Office 2003

Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics Snap, a collection of programs that “snap” into Microsoft Office 2003.

Snap a Bar Code Picture, Get Blog Reviews

TechCrunch reports that Toshiba has come up with an intriguing marriage of blogs and bar codes.

What E-Government is All About
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E-government is about making citizens’ lives easier and more convenient. There is no greater service a civil servant can deliver than to save the time of a citizen.

Snap, Crackle, Click!

If only pay-per-click campaigns were as easy as a snap of the finger, then every web page could strike it rich at the first try.