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The Angriest Reaction to Not Being Able to Play Super Poke Pets Yet?

As discussed previously, people are upset that Google is shutting down Slide, and Super Poke Pets in particular. We ran across the following video on YouTube depicting the “passion” some players have truly had about this game. The video below shows a guy laughing at his mother, who is a player, and is upset that the game is not working. …

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Super Poke Pets Users Not Impressed with Google’s Halloween Costume Comparison

As you may or may not know, Google recently announced that it would be shutting down Slide and various applications and games that it created, including the popular Super Poke Pets. As reported earlier, users are less than thrilled with this decision. Some are upset as they have invested real money into the gameplay. One user sent me a huge …

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Slide, Super Poke Pets Fans Furious Over Google’s Planned Shut Down

Last week, it was revealed that Google is shutting down Slide, the social game company it bought last summer. The move was quite surprising to the tech/social media industry, as the company had only just launched games for its new social network Google+. It also caught users off guard, as has been made abundantly clear in the comments of our …

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Google Shuts Down Social Game Acquisition Slide

Just over a year ago, Google bought Slide, a social game company mostly known for games like SuperPoke Pets, SPP Ranch, Top Fish, etc. It didn’t seem to be outside of the realm of possibility that this would heavily factor into Google’s social network plans, which at the time were still unclear. All of this time, however, Slide’s team has …

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Google Makes Slide Founder VP Of Engineering

Immediately following Google’s acquisition of Slide, it was unclear whether or not founder Max Levchin would join the search giant.  Now the matter’s been resolved in a decisive manner, as Google’s confirmed that Levchin will in fact be a vice president of engineering.

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Google Buys Game Company Slide

Update: Right on schedule, Google has now formally announced its acquisition of Slide. On the company’s oficial blog, David Glazer says:

For Google, the web is about people, and we’re working to develop open, transparent and interesting (and fun!) ways to allow our users to take full advantage of how technology can bring them closer to friends and family and provide useful information just for them.

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