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Blue Jeans And Skin Spikes: Bad Ads’ Photoshop Fails

A facepalm worthy Photoshop job is one thing. But when a recent Target ad ruffled feathers with a half-assed editing job on model’s bikini clad body (no – literally – half of her undercarriage is missing), it was cause for questions, like: “Why’d they cut off her lady parts?” and “Will this mid-kini give me some sweet underarm and hip …

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Prostate Cancer Patients Upset Over Shortened Penises

According to a new study from researchers from Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center (DF/BWCC), a small percentage of men treated for prostate cancer complained that their penis seemed shorter after treatment. Some of the men even complained that the predicament interfered with their intimate relationships and regretted their treatment option. The complaints were more common in men treated with radical …

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Flickr Offers Larger Photo Options, Low Compression

Flickr is still one of the best stops on the Web for beautiful photos. You can view photos in their original massive sizes for the utmost beauty, but you’ll usually want to use a smaller size so that it will fit insider your monitor. Flickr is adding some new sizes for those with big monitors. Two new sizes – 2048 …

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