Flickr Offers Larger Photo Options, Low Compression

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Flickr is still one of the best stops on the Web for beautiful photos. You can view photos in their original massive sizes for the utmost beauty, but you'll usually want to use a smaller size so that it will fit insider your monitor. Flickr is adding some new sizes for those with big monitors.

Two new sizes - 2048 and 1600 pixels - were announced today. The new sizes are available in the lightbox today, and will be added to the API in the coming weeks. The new sizes take advantage of Flickr's policy of using low compression.

Flickr describes their philosophy as "Large sizes + Low compression = Beautiful Photos." Flickr boasts that they use less compression to make sure that the photos stay beautiful in their transition to the Internet. Flickr will be applying the new sizes to all photos that have been uploaded since March 1.

If you are a Pro member, Flickr is also giving you more options in regards to image size settings. You can now set a maximum display size, which is the maximum size you wish your photo to be displayed in to the public. That way you can make sure that visitors to your flickr page will always get the best size photo from the get go.

With these new sizes coupled with low compression, flickr really is one of the best places to upload your photo. I just wonder how much bandwidth the company is eating through to offer the photos at these sizes. Either way, it's appreciated. Now I can see all the detail when I go on my nightly tour of nature photos on flickr to cure my insomnia.

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