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If You Have Evidence Of Tim Tebow’s Non-Virginity, You Could Win A Million Bucks

NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow’s virginity is an oft-discussed fact. If you have proof that we should downgrade the status of his virginity from “fact” to “questionable declaration” or even from “fact” to “outright lie,” you could find yourself an instant …

Sex Robots Get The NMA Treatment

Last week was all about sex robots. Ok, maybe not all about sex robots, but the concept definitely grabbed the our attention after two Victoria University researchers published a paper detailing a possible future world where prostitution was largely the …

Sex Robots: Prostitution As A Science, Not An Art Sex Robots: Prostitution As A Science, Not An Art
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We can relegate this one to the realm of science fiction for the moment, but two researchers from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand suggest that in the near future, we could all be looking at a world where prostitution …

Safe Sex for Seniors, Charlie Sheen Sells Crazy, & Wheelchair Marty McFly [Viral Videos]

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we highlight some of the best that are currently viral and some that are trending that …

Coming in April: No Sex for Anyone
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At around 400 BC, Greek women withheld sex to force their husbands to end the Peloponnesian war. At least that’s the story from Lysistrata, the play by Aristophanes about these events. Fast forward to the 2000′s and you see this …

QR Code Condoms Let You ‘Check In’ To Your Sexual Playgrounds QR Code Condoms Let You ‘Check In’ To Your Sexual Playgrounds
· 1

Remember the I Just Made Love mobile app that helped the horizontally-inclined iPhone and Android users of the world broadcast their sexual adventures to the world? That’s so 2011. This year’s model not only lets you announce your erotic exploits …

Google Images Safe Search No Longer Blocks ‘Sex’ Google Images Safe Search No Longer Blocks ‘Sex’
· 3

I remember searching for reproductive systems during high school on Google Images to find some pictures for a science project. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what I found. Well. Google is now making it easier for other children …

Twitter Or Facebook: Who Has Sexier (And More Sexed) Users? Twitter Or Facebook: Who Has Sexier (And More Sexed) Users?
· 2

Your preferred social media site may indicate whether or not you got some sexy results for Valentine’s Day yesterday, according to a new survey from Euro RSCG. The poll, which the digital agency conducts every year, found that Twitter brings …

Android Users Apt To Have Sex After First Date, Leave It At That Android Users Apt To Have Sex After First Date, Leave It At That

After yesterday’s shocking news that Android users are more apt to take their phones into the bathroom, it appears that the depravity and debauchery just never ends for those crazy Android kooks. A survey carried out by dating site Match.com …

Fleshlight iPad Case Is Real And In Development Fleshlight iPad Case Is Real And In Development
· 3

Earlier this week, we told you about a somewhat creepy yet undeniably intriguing concept that was sure to take forever alone to a whole new level. A concept design called the FLESHLiPad Holder generated a lot of buzz around the …

‘I Just Made Love’ App Helps You Broadcast Your Hook-Ups ‘I Just Made Love’ App Helps You Broadcast Your Hook-Ups

There’s an app to tell you what direction you’re facing. There’s an app to tell you what to eat. There’s an app to track your calorie consumption. There’s an app to refill your drug prescription. Now, behold: there’s an app …

Remote Controls Over Sex?
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If you had your choice, would you get up and turn the television channel manually or would you give up sex?  The answers, at least 36% of them, might surprise you.

Thanks to a just-in-time-for-Valentine’s-Day survey conducted by Logitech, they discovered 36 percent of Americans would rather give up having sex instead of their remote control.  It’s been said that those who wield the remote control, wield the power of the household, but at what cost?

Bing Porn Problem Resolved
· 17

Update 2: Microsoft further addressed the issue, as explained in a recent blog post. Bing General Manager Mike Nichols says:

Cybersex And Depression Linked
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It’s kind of a chicken and egg question: Does cybersex contribute to increased depression or does depression contribute to increased cybersex? It could be both. A recent Australian study found a correlation between online sexual activity and clinical depression.
Cybersex And Depression Linked

Why Sex Sells, Online or Off
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Sometimes you have to be careful not to too broadly apply the results of a study. In this case, I’m not sure if I can help it. Just call me out (as you often do) in the comments if you think I’ve done so. Two recent studies showed a strong correlation between sex hormones and monetary risks.

And that kind of explains everything. Like…

Valleywag Salaciousness A Real Money Shot
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A simple formula pays off at the Valleywag corner of the Gawker Media empire: take a mostly male audience in a notoriously sexually frustrated profession, add a dirty-talking scribe, and watch the page views roll on in.

Study: Sex At Work Makes Work Better
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Don’t let those stiffs from HR tell you office romances are bad for business. No, you just point them right to this Sun article that says as long as you’re not sued for harassment (I’m talking to you, creepy, who’s going to follow this advice right into a cardboard box and a security escort), sex with coworkers actually results in raised energy levels, better professional capacity, and higher productivity.

Sexy Micro-blogging Ensures Twitter Success
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Perhaps it was an eventuality. All roads used to lead to Rome; now all superhighways lead to a crotch-shot. But this development is at least a testament to the power of the Twitter concept: the cybersex crowd has taken it up.

If a message on Twitter is called a "tweet," is a message on boobik called a "tw…" –never mind.

Microsoft Silences Santa Sex Talk

Microsoft has had to remove its Santa bot after it was discovered to be using inappropriate language with users.

PR will lose Social Media to Advertising Due to Sex

Okay, not necessarily sex – but advertising does know how to make mundane things sexy.

Facebook Subpoenaed Over Sex Offenders

At first glance, this looks bad: New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram has subpoenaed Facebook and asked that the social network identify registered sex offenders who have become members.  Depending on what happens, “bad” could become an understatement.