The Internet Has Found a Jehovah's Witnesses Anti-Masturbation Sign Language Video and Remixed It Accordingly

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Jehovah's Witnesses teach followers to refrain from masturbation, as they say it's unclean and greedy. Over the years, the Jehovah's Witnesses semi-monthly publication The Watchtower has touched on the issue - saying at one point that the practice can lead to sexual promiscuity and even homosexuality.

Apparently, the anti-masturbation stance is still important enough to the faith for them to create videos about it and place them online. The official Jehovah's Witnesses website has published a video series in American Sign Language, promoting their various messages to the deaf population.

One of these videos, "Gain the Victory over Masturbation," has been discovered by denizens of the internet. And I'm sure you can guess where this goes from here.

Remixes. Remixes everywhere. Capitalizing on some of the more expressive motions and facial movements of those in the video, people have set it to some interesting soundtracks.

Like R. Kelly:

Or Gangnam style:

How about some dubstep?

And 50 Cent:

If you want to check out the original video, it's number 22 on this list.

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