If You Have Evidence Of Tim Tebow's Non-Virginity, You Could Win A Million Bucks

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NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow's virginity is an oft-discussed fact. If you have proof that we should downgrade the status of his virginity from "fact" to "questionable declaration" or even from "fact" to "outright lie," you could find yourself an instant millionaire.

AshleyMadison.com, the internet's premier dating site for those looking to indulge in some extramarital affairs, has posted a reward to Rewarder.com. The premise is simple. They want a former (or current, I guess) sexual partner of Tim Tebow to come forward and disprove his claim that he's saving himself for marriage. I guess they feel that all of his fame and (relative) success must have brought scores of temptations - temptations that he was unable to deflect.

Here's what they have to say in the posting:

Conservative quarterback Tim Tebow is as famous for taking a knee on the field as he is for not scoring off the field. Notorious infidelity dating website AshleyMadison.com wants to know just how innocent Tebow really is -- and we're willing to pay big to anyone with proof that he's been getting busy in the sack.

The big payout is a cool one million dollars.

"No man of Tim Tebow’s stature could survive a season in New York without succumbing to the temptations of the city," said AshleyMadison’s CEO, Noel Biderman.

He's probably right. Even though he was recently booed at a New York Yankees game, I'm sure there are plenty of women in the area that would fall in line to taint Tebow's pristine reputation. He's going to be exposed to so much more in the Big Apple than he was in Denver - hell, Madonna even said that she would be his personal guide around to city (wink wink).

I can only imagine that this one will be hard for the folks at AshleyMadison to verify. What kind of proof would they need to feel safe dishing out the cash? A secret lovechild complete with DNA results? A sex tape? Are we even sure that Tebow could complete the pass, if you know what I'm saying?

AshleyMadison's motto is "life's short, have an affair." Here's to hoping they find that Tebow feels the same way. I'd love to see the ESPN offices in Bristol implode.

[h/t Ben Parr]
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