Parents Sent to Sex Site Thanks to Typo in School Email

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Shock! Horror! Impending lawsuits!

Parents of children who attend one of the many schools in the Chicago Public Schools system were inadvertently directed to a soft-core adult site, after the school system sent out a mass email containing one slightly altered link.

The point of the email was to notify parents that CPS was raising their standards when it comes to the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, or ISAT. The new standards for the ISAT are being implemented by the Illinois State Board of Education, or ISBE.

A link at the conclusion of the email wanted to direct parents to the ISBE site more more information. Instead, the addition of one extra letter wound up directing parents to, which happens to be a "private invite only community" with the goal of "enriching the modern woman's sex life and sensuality."

Luckily (or unluckily, depending on who you ask), the site's home page only features an artistic photo of an open Kama Sutra book, placed on a bed. No real hardcore porn stuff or anything.

But of course, CPS had to make a public apology.

“As soon as it was brought to our attention, we sent out an updated letter with a corrected link and apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused,” said a spokeswoman for the Chicago Public Schools system.

Let's just see how many parents come out and say they were scarred by CPS' carelessness. Maybe their kids even saw the landing page. THE CHILDREN! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

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