People Are Checking Your Facebook Page Before Dates, and Other Fun Facts on Single People and Tech

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Share this Post has just put out their third-annual "Singles in America" study and it contains some pretty interesting information on how people are using social media and the internet in their dating/sex lives.

Probably the most telling piece of data collected in the study is that nearly half (48%) of all women surveyed do some Facebook digging on their date partner before the date begins. Only 38% of men copped to doing pre-date Facebook research and 49% said that the practice was "unacceptable."

Women are also more likely to be turned off by what they find. 49% said they would cancel a date based solely on information unearthed by their Facebook research. Only 27% of men said that they would cancel.

Both women and men are aware of the need to "clean up" their Facebook profiles in order to put their best online foot forward (26% and 27%, respectively).

Other interesting stats from the study:

  • Over half of single men (57%) and 45% of single women have received a sext (sexy photo or explicit text), and 23% of these singles have shared them with others. Of that 23%, a whopping 42% of men and 28% of women said they shared the sext with three or more people
  • 42% of single men reported they would not be offended if a recipient shared their sext with others, vs. 13% of women.
  • 77% of women would not date someone who was secretive with their texts vs. 53% of men.

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