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Is Link Authority Dead (Dying)?
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After extensive gaming, Google’s algorithm (it is assumed) shifted from using the quantity of links as an indicator of source authority, to measuring the quality (reputation) of the linker in order to determine relevancy. Gamers are still there though, this time with bigger budgets, and things may be about to change again – most likely to a much more complicated game.

Sullivan, Berg, Spar On Sphinn

Just because a website can be optimized and marketed for prime search success doesn’t mean that it should.

Will The SERP Be Reinvented?

The search engine results page (SERP) has been largely the same for the past decade. But Google’s foray into Universal Search and Ask.com’s recent unleashing of 3D search have people wondering if we’re in for a new era, a new look.

SEM Bogus for Sites That Don’t Function
While there are bugs in the Beta version of Sphinn, that doesn’t seem to be stopping search engine marketers from racing over to try Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn.com I visited twice and haven’t joined because I’m disappointed there’s no place for me there.

What is Universal Search?

Organic search engine optimization, until recently, had been a fairly straightforward endeavor. The goal was to optimize the content on a website so that it would show up in the organic results on one or more of the major search engines – results that were comprised of nothing but other websites.

Search Is Where Your Campaign Starts

Setting up an online campaign can be complicated, and it’s hard to know where to begin. Lately, social marketing and blog marketing have been the buzz words, but if you’re just getting started, just like in anything, really, you should start with the basics. And the basics of an online campaign involves a tightly targeted search campaign.

New Marketing Sherpa SEM Benchmark Survey
Marketing Sherpa is running their 4th annual survey for the next Search Engine Marketing Benchmark report.

Measurement & Optimization of SEM
I decided to post a few days late – just to make sure people saw last Tuesday’s X Change Announcement. If you missed the post on our Web Analytics Conference, check it out. This will be a unique, special event.

NY Post: Buy Sites, Not AdWords

The New York Post’s been a bit down on giving Google money for paid search lately. It may not be surprising to you that the NYP might be a little one-sided on this issue, even unnecessarily snarky, but there is, at least, an interesting concept presented: buying sites with good natural rankings to avoid AdWords altogether.

I’ve Had It With Google Conspiracy Theories
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Okay people, enough is enough.  I can’t go through a day anymore without reading some article or other about how Google has been seduced by the power of the dark side.  It’s debunking time. 

Bringing SEM In House – 10 Great Resources

Bringing SEO In house is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics across the Industry. With businesses looking to cut down on marketing budgets and wanting to expand on preexisting In House teams it will be difficult for traditional SEM Firms to continually offer the same services (at the same premiums) as they have been in the past. Businesses are looking to strengthen their relationships with their online marketing departments and what better way to do this then removing the 3rd Party SEM firm out of the picture.

SEM: Searching for What’s Next

What so many companies are searching for is the next big advance in search engine marketing (SEM), which promotes web sites by increasing their visibility in the search engine results pages.

Keyword Report: Indiana Has a Beach?
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Searches for beach information have spiked, according to Yahoo, just in time for the start of summer. Searchers are even looking for beaches in Indiana.

Are Big Brands Stealing (Buying) the SERPS?
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For a long time, search engine marketers wondered why the big brands were so slow to adopt, why they seemed to be ignoring Google. They may be wishing for the old days, when smaller players with smaller budgets had a better shot at the SERPs.

Headline Creation Quick Tips

Headlines are tricky – especially when writing for the Web. You want to be search engine friendly, but at the same time, you don’t want to readers (or potential readers) to skim over the headline like it’s part of a technical manual.

The Best Way To Get Link Love From .edu
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On the surface this seems a little shady – at worst, it’s evil genius at work; at best, it’s a great tip for the powers of good, legitimate SEO operations. Joe Whyte, over at HybridSEM, recommends taking advantage of .edu job boards to boost your website’s ranking in the search results.

The Best Way To Get Link Love From .edu
“The Best Way To Get Link Love From .edu”
The Best Way To Get Link Love From .edu
SEW Live Recap: This Is Getting Personal
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At the end of the day, it’s about sales, not traffic. And if it’s about sales, then it must also be about people, not clicks. This seemed to be the focus of yesterday’s one-day SEW Live in Columbus, OH (you might call it SES Lite), as marketers explore the transition from search engine marketing to social media marketing.

SEMPO SEO Training Levels Up

Coming off a successful debut of their Fundamentals of Search Marketing course, the training arm of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization has its Advanced SEO class up and running.

SEM Settled? Good, Now On To Real Marketing
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The e-business world is moving on from SEO and SEM. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important. It means that everybody seems to get it now (perhaps) and it’s sort of a standard practice, like tacking fliers to light posts. The next frontier has two branches: branding and making connections.

Where it’s not going: direct marketing (been there, done that for a decade now); single-channel.

SES – Day 3 Videos

I was able to do just two video interviews before my camera got dropped in a glass of water. I’ll have to explain that in another post.

UK Search Marketing Report 2007
E-consultancy continues to churn out great research on the UK search marketing space, with the release of their UK Search Engine Marketing Report 2007.

Here are some highlights from the report:

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