Facebook IPO Will Make Bono Richest Rockstar In The Galaxy

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It's expected that Facebook's IPO is going to make a lot of people rich and richer whenever those shares hit the stock market. One person who will fall into the latter category is U2 frontman Bono, whose stocks in Facebook are about to propel him atop the heap of richest rockstars in the world.

Bono, who's also recognized for his messianic mission to save the world from ourselves, owns 1.5 percent of the shares in Facebook via an investment firm he works through. Whenever Facebook shares start trading on the stock exchange, those stocks are expected to be worth a little less than $1 billion. He'll surpass Sir Paul McCartney to become the richest rockstar in the world (I hesitate to say "richest musician" because there are other genres than rock 'n roll out there).

Despite the Dr. Evil levels of wealth that the great sunglassed one will find himself, don't be surprised if Bono uses his new riches for his many humanitarian projects. NME expects that some of this money will go toward several of Bono's charity projects. That's probably a safe bet, so let's hope that the money finds its way to some good causes for people who need a hand.

Personally, I think Bono should just buy a Laputa-like floating island and go start over with this whole human race thing.

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