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Google Gets $1.10 For Every New Dollar Spent
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For every new dollar spent on search marketing, Google grabs $1.10. Probably the last time you heard a number like that, it was from a basketball coach at half-time encouraging you to give the mythical one hundred and ten percent. How does that happen in real numbers? Looks like Google takes a little from Yahoo and Microsoft.

For Google, Every Day Could Be Super Bowl Sunday
· 4

Now that Google is a publicly traded company, traditions and advertiser friendly philosophies seem destined to clash with fiduciary responsibility. Imagine this scenario: Everybody uses Google, so every advertiser needs a presence there, and the law of supply and demand makes Google one expensive place to be.

Big Retailers Flunk Search Test
· 15

So, while perusing Google’s Hot Trends today I noticed a particular brand of digital camera was one of the top gainers in search queries: the Polaroid T730 Compact 7mp digital camera. Curious as to what’s so special about it, I googled it, only to embark on one frustrating journey.

Obama Seeks ‘Indefinite’ Web Marketer
· 11

Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama must be pretty confident he’ll get his party’s nomination; his campaign recently posted an Internet advertising job opening. Job duration: Indefinite.

Google Boozes Up, Sort Of
· 6

Google has had a longstanding policy against advertising liquor, along with guns and gambling. Frank Watson at SearchEngineWatch found it surprising, then, when a search for [vodka] brought back Google Shopping results.

The search brought back results from various vendors, along with prices. "Now that does seem like they are contradicting their own rules," writes Watson.

Exploring The Google Penalty Box
· 18

Pick a number between 6 and 950 and you’ll likely find evidence, or at least the antecedent number, for a Google ranking penalty. Webmasters and SEOers are in general agreement Google penalizes, and have dubbed them according to their numeric reprimand: -6, -30, -60, -950, and so on. Google inadvertently in cases has acknowledged such penalties exist, but has yet to present any hard and fast rules.

SEMPO Offering Certification To SEM Agencies

Search marketing firms going through the training provided by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization will be able to pick up a seal of approval after taking courses through the SEMPO Institute.

Google Thinks AdWords Is Your Best Friend
· 1

As a small business or site publisher, the route to Moneyville displays signs pointing to Google’s advertising products. In Google’s estimation, of course, but they may be correct.

Google AdWords Case Is Sadly Funny
· 63

Here’s the understatement of the week: "This wasn’t the best-argued case of the day." New York Law School professor James Grimmelmann was referring to the resurrection of computer repair company Rescuecomm’s lawsuit against Google, which was dismissed in 2006, but is now up for review by a federal appeals court.

If They’re Searching, Give Them A Hint
· 21

I remember sitting in on a session at one of the Search Engine Strategies conferences as a befuddled metrics firm rep told a crowd of equally befuddled marketers that a significant percentage of the search population actually typed the URL of the desired website into the search bar.

Google Should Stick To Its Search Principles
· 14

Please welcome Google to the damned-if-I-do-damned-if-don’t club. The superiority of search results is what led to Google’s dominance, and investors have pressured the company to get back to its core competency while raising revenue. As soon as they do, though, retailers pitch a fit because things become too fair.

Search Goodness In Bite-sized Chunks
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There’s a ton of information pouring out of the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York City, but we’ve done our best to bring you the best of it so far, via text and via video. Below is a representation of all of that knowledge, boiled down until each little bit fits into its own little nutshell. Or, since it’s Holy Week for some, just call them SES Easter Eggs, with lots of gooey SES goodness inside, once you click the link.

SES NY: Starting Up In-House Search Marketing

New Face of In-House Search

SES New York: Will Google Sell Itself Out?
· 5

John Battelle, who literally wrote the book on Search, believes Google’s apparent media-company aspirations will one day come in conflict with its purist algorithmic history.

Mike McDonald and the WebProNews Video crew are in New York for the Search Engine Strategies Conference. Stay tuned all week for the latest developments in online marketing.


SES NY: Sara Holoubek Speaks On Behalf Of SEMPO

On day two of the Search Engine Strategies conference the expo hall has opened and I found my way past two floors of exhibitors to find the SEMPO booth staffed by the famous “free agent” and SEMPO board member, Sara Holoubek.

SES New York Kicks Off

Yesterday proved to be an interesting kickoff to this year’s Search Engine Strategies conference here in New York. The Organic Listings panel was entertaining and informative as always and the Build Investment Interest in your SEO/SEM firm was an early indulgence for myself that offered great tips for those looking at the future liquidity and monetization for their agency.

Search Marketing Trends in 2008
Last week I was able to catch up with Jeffrey Pruitt, EVP, Corporate Partnerships at iCrossing, to discuss his thoughts on search marketing trends and paradigm shifts in 2008. We also discussed some useful sessions people should check out while attending Search Engine Strategies in New York. Here’s how our conversation went:

SES New York Conference Events





Sky Clouds

An eBusiness Tribute To St. Patty

It’s that time of year again, the time of year it’s perfectly acceptable to do a bit of drinking in honor of the saint that drove the snakes out of Ireland, in honor of luck or lack thereof, in honor of the Emerald Isle most of us have only seen in pictures but have vowed to travel to one day whether we have relatives there or not.

Brand Awareness More Valuable Than PPC
· 5

There’s been significant debate among small businesses about the indirect value of online branding versus the direct value of search marketing. A recent report from Engine Ready says branding may be worth more than you think.

I’ve been an advocate of branding for a while and have tried to get the point across that consumer awareness of product or company drives sales in a very powerful way. Understandably, smaller business owners are more likely trust what is not only more directly tangible and measurable, but also less costly.

Will Video Ads In Search Results Work?
· 7

Glenn Pingul, VP of marketing for Mixpo, is pretty stoked about online video and its potential to help level the playing field for small businesses, especially at the conjunction of search and video advertising. Makes sense; Mixpo is a video marketing company.

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