Olivia Wilde Helps Others By Being Consciously Fashionable

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Olivia Wilde, 29, is taking Hollywood philanthropy to another level.

The “Cowboys and Aliens” actress, who is also a first-time mom-to-be, has been working on elevating a benevolent online business that blends charity and fashion into one.

Conscious Commerce, also what Wilde refers to as a”FUNdraising” expenditure, uses a shopping savvy technique that not only gives consumers what they want but also provides the less fortunate with what they need. By connecting brands with selective charities, it guarantees that proceeds will be funded to an organization.

“It should be shocking when a product isn’t somehow helping the people who made it,” Wilde told Forbes.

As stated on the company’s about page:

“Along with pointing you in the direction of cool, ethically sound businesses, we have paired some of our favorite brands with small, locally run organizations, to create limited edition products. These exciting collaborations are our way of bringing together consciousness and commerce, and making them make sweet, sweet love…”

The fairly new commerce delivers an online store that consists of a variety of stylish products. Every item bought encompasses its own donation component, but just not to any charity.

Wilde and her partner-in-crime, Barbara Burchfield, have made sure to team-up with small, local charities that would need the extra boost financially.

Deals with big-time clothing companies like New Light India ensures that they donate a portion of their sales as dresses to schoolgirls in India.

Despite Wilde’s passionate zeal for Conscious Commerce, she feels that philanthropy is hard work and can be repetitive at times, especially when it comes down to pleading with the same companies to donate money.

Thus, Wilde obtained her inspiration from traveling to Haiti with film director and humanitarian, Paul Haggis.  From then on, she decided to take a different approach to philanthropy and develop something that would ultimately be consciously fashionable.

“By incorporating a giving back structure into small purchases, it can make a huge difference,” she said.

Just last month, Wilde opened up to People StyleWatch about some of her beauty mistakes following her nomination as Revlon’s spokesperson.

One of her issues has always been with her eyebrows, which she equated to “devil horns.”

“If I brush them up they look like crazy, pointy, “devil horns,” the actress previously said.

Well, two things are for certain, she is far from mirroring the facet of a devil and she knows more than she thinks when it comes to using fashion the right way.

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