Lindsay Lohan: Did She Snub AIDS Charity Event?


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Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has a lot on her plate these days.

The 27-year-old is has been in and out of rehab programs and the threat of jail continues to loom large in her life.

With her ongoing struggles with drugs and alcohol in the United States, it seems Lohan is eager to start life anew elsewhere.

Rumor has it that the actress is hoping that a move to London, England could jump-start her flagging career and allow her to escape a cloud of negative public perception.

The problem is Lohan doesn't do herself any favors in the "reinvention" department with certain self-sabotaging behaviors.

She has developed a reputation for being unprofessional and unreliable. It's concerning to onlookers that no matter where she movies, she will continue to live up to those labels.

The latest accusation against the actress doesn't come by way of a movie set. Instead it seems that Lindsay Lohan stood up an AIDS charity event.

According to multiple accounts, the troubled actress was a "no show" for the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria on Saturday.

An anonymous source told Page Six, "At the beginning of the day, they handed out a list of the dressing rooms. [...] By the end of the day, when they handed out updates, she was off the list. She never showed up."

Dear, oh dear.

The event had also offered Lohan the largest room, but for whatever reason, she simply didn't bother to attend.

Without a doubt the event organizers were disappointed at the snub.

Not only had they reserved the largest dressing room for the young diva, but her flights and hotel accommodations were also paid for.

All Lohan needed to do was simply show up.

Lohan didn't make her prepaid flight and so she didn't make the charity event.

Despite the disappointing turn of events, the charity still had its share of star power.

Persons said to have been in attendance included Ke$ha, Courtney Love, and former president Bill Clinton.

If Lohan missed her flight, hopefully it was for a good reason.

An out-and-out snub of this kind really would not reflect well on her at this stage of her career.

Image via Wikimedia Commons