Kellie Pickler Teams Up With Meow Mix For Charity

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Kellie Pickler has made an interesting partnership in New York City. She has partnered with Meow Mix cat food to support a charity drive for people in New York City who go hungry.

Kellie Pickler will be joining the Meow Mix mobile sound booth on August 13th-16th in an effort to help cat parents appreciate and take advantage of the time they spend feeding their cats.

How, do you ask, will they do that? Well, cat parents will have a chance to step into the sound booth and record a remix of the famous Meow Mix jingle on their own, with their cat(s), or a lucky few will record it with Kellie Pickler.

For each remix recorded, Meow Mix will donate 100 meals to Food Bank for New York City. Kellie Pickler and Meow Mix are hoping to reach their 100,000 meal goal.

"Being a cat lover and previous cat parent myself, I am really looking forward to my turn of remixing the iconic Meow Mix jingle in the sound booth," said Kellie Pickler.

She continued, "And, I hope we have a lot of other cat lovers and parents join us in this campaign because the more recordings, the more meals Meow Mix will donate to the Food Bank For New York City."

Margarette Purvis, President and CEO of Food Bank For New York City, said of Kellie Pickler's and Meow Mix's efforts, "Today, nearly one in three New Yorkers struggles to afford food. That certainly means there is nothing left over to feed beloved pets, often forcing families to abandon them. We are very grateful to Meow Mix for their camaraderie and generosity so that we may provide an added layer of support to New Yorkers in need and keep these families together."

Such a great cause for Kellie Pickler to be a part of! She is one busy and thoughtful girl.

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