Link Building for Bing Rankings: Dos and Don’ts

Link Building for Bing Rankings: Dos and Don’ts

By Chris Crum December 25, 2009 | 84 Comments

It’s easy for businesses to get caught up in Google’s expectations for their sites, when trying to market through search. That’s certainly a wise thing to do, considering Google dominates the search market by a huge margin. Still, there are other search engines that people are using, and it is also wise to make sure your site is performing to the best of its ability in those too.

Google Penalizes Itself

Go ahead and laugh, because it is funny. Google Japan’s probably too embarrassed to laugh, though, and someone somewhere is likely to resemble the spittle-drenched apologist from the movie Gung Ho.

Google Japan, according to its apology, was apparently unaware of the company’s own terms of service. Paying a Japanese pay-per-post promotion company to pimp its new Hot Keywords blog widget caused the website to be busted down from PR 9 to PR 5.

Top Ranking in Google Isn’t Top Rank Anymore

“The top position is no longer winner-take-all,” Bryan Horling, a Google software engineer in charge of Personalized Search, told the SMX West audience in Santa Clara California. After a decade of trying to claim that prize, that may or may not be good news to some.

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Ahead Of Earnings Call, Google Faces Tough Climate

Google is set to release its Q4 2008 earnings report tomorrow, and the company will likely set the tone for the entire search marketing industry and the online economy going into 2009. According to a recent market report, Google’s got a tough sell on Thursday.
Ahead Of Earnings Call, Google Faces Tough Climate

Bruce Clay Launches Two New SEO Tools

Bruce Clay, Inc. has released two new search engine optimization tools that are available for free on bruceclay.com

Bruce Clay Launches Two New SEO Tools

The new tools are the Search Engine Optimization/KSP tool and SEMToolBar. Both tools aggregate select data from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and provide relevant SEO information.

Bad Times Call For Better Marketing, Not Less

If it seems like some companies are trimming fat just in anticipation of hard times, you may be right. In fact, that seems like the conventional wisdom. Among the most tightened budgets is marketing, but when consumer dollars are fewer and farther between, it’s probably not a good idea to let them forget about you altogether.
Bad Times Call For Better Marketing, Not Less

A Search Engine Marketing Challenge

A few search engine marketers have come together to present the SEM Challenge, which is described as a project for the search engine marketing community to use their online skills to make a real difference in the offline world.

The initiative is working with charity organization FORGE, which works with displaced communities in Africa. The challenge itself is to meet their budget gap of $100,000 through a pro-bono SEM campaign designed to increase awareness and donations.

Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop To Exit Beta

Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop, currently in beta testing, is about to go public, said Jeremy Lamothe, Search Account Manager for Microsoft Advertiser and Publisher Solutions at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago.

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Is Google Second-Guessing Itself?

Times are tight. Heck, college professors are having to sell ad space on exam pages to make up for budget cuts. It would make sense that Google would increase the number of ads on its search pages, too, except it’s hard to forget certain executive speeches about fewer ads with better targeting.

Test Your Search Knowledge In New Contest

Do you think you are a Search Engine Marketing expert? If so, you will now have a chance to prove it.

Test Your Search Knowledge In New Contest

Marin Software along with Search Marketing Expo-SMX West has launched the Biggest Search Geek Contest.

Blogspot’s Content Warning Blocking Spiders
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Edgy bloggers using Google’s Blogspot might have been miffed already—but likely also understood—at Google slapping content warnings over their adult-oriented material and demanding age verification. But what might deter (poorly) minors from viewing is also preventing search crawlers from accessing the content at all.

Blogspot's Content Warning Blocking Spiders

Google Answers Some Tricky Questions
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Recently, during a live chat Q&A, Googlers Matt Cutts and Maile Ohye, among others, faced the burning questions of webmasters around the world. Together, they put to rest some fears and myths, and confirmed some speculations.
Google Answers Some Tricky Questions

Paid Links Go Underground
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For every abolition an underground emerges. Google’s not exactly the law, and bootleggers during Prohibition didn’t exactly offer seminars about avoiding the revenuers. Todd Mailcoat, Rand Fishkin, John Lessnau, with six middle fingers between them, offer no such discretion and invited PubCon attendees under the table in a session titled Linkfluence: How to Buy Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk.

Pubcon: SEO Strategies Various Companies Have Employed

This session had the various speakers highlighting the SEO/SEM strategy their companies have employed, the challenges they have faced in the field as well as the areas that need to be worked upon.


  • Joseph Morin


Experiments In Google Quality Scores
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A lot has been made about quality scores for Google ads. Rated on a scale of 1 to 10 per keyword targeted, the quality score is the ultimate determinant of ad placement on the search results. As webmasters experiment, tips for how to achieve a perfect 10 are emerging in the forums.

Branding And Search Engine Marketing

Do you have a brand? If not, your site is part of a "cesspool." In AdAge Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt explains the AdWords quality score and organic ranking algorithms in laymans terms:

SES San Jose – Understanding Web Analytics

What is it about web analytics that that intrigues and yet scares companies at the same time? Everyone want to understand analytics, yet once one starts digging in, it can get complicated. In Identify, Analyze, Act: SEM by the Numbers, they gave tips on what you should be looking at and what you should be paying attention to.