Reddit Is Donating $827K, 10% of Ad Revenue, to Charity

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Back in February of 2014, reddit promised that at the end of the year, it would total up its ad revenue and give ten percent of it to charity. Charities, actually – reddit said it would "hold an election" based on community-nominated charities and split the ten percent of ad revenue with ten lucky charities.

Well, now's the time. Reddit has announced that it made $8,276,594.93 in ad revenue in 2014, so $827,659.49 will be going to charity.

That's $82,765.95 for each of the ten charities selected.

"Here at reddit, one of the things that gets us out of bed every morning is knowing that we have the ability to help the world at a scale that was, until very recently, only imaginable," says a post on the reddit blog.

Reddit users can now vote on where the money will go. To vote, you have to already be a reddit user. You can't just create an account today in order to vote.

Here's how it works:

We have partnered with Charity Navigator, who has graciously given us access to their charity database. This database includes all charities they have reviewed, as well as all charities that have a US tax identification number (EIN). If you’re unable to find a particular charity by searching by name, just type in the charity’s EIN. This number can usually be found on the charity’s website.

So how do you vote? Head over to and make sure you’re logged in. Your account will have to be created before 10 am today in order to reduce any potential shenanigans. You are allowed to vote for as many different charities as you like, but you are limited to one vote per charity.

You can discuss the merits of each non-profit here. Voting closes on February 25.

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