Firehouse Subs Helps Charities While Subway's Jared Fogle Flames Out

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Firehouse Subs may come away looking like a real winner in the wake of competitor Subway's misfortunes with former spokesman Jared Fogle.

While Firehouse Subs has made no statement about Subway and their embarrassing mess with alleged child porn consumer Jared Fogle, there have ben some interesting headlines coincidentally hitting about Firehouse.

For example, Firehouse Subs in Colorado donated a digital fire extinguisher training system to Poudre Fire Authority in Fort Collins, Colorado. It turns out that firehouse Subs runs the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, a nonprofit that helps fund and equip first responders and public safety organizations. It was through this charitable arm that he sub sandwich restaurant donated the more than $13,000 training system that “will allow firefighters to train the community on the safe and proper use of fire extinguishers through hands-on instruction and demonstrations.”

In Florida, Firehouse Subs donated more safety equipment to several Jacksonville-area public safety organizations. They did this in conjunction with a partnership with eh Jacksonville Jaguars for the 2015-2016 NFL season.

Firehouse Subs has also been donating water. Firehouse Subs in Covington, Georgia recently held a promotion, “H2O for Heroes,” that encouraged customers to bring in cases of water in exchange for a free medium sub. The water was donated to the Covington Fire Department and distributed in the community for shut-ins and others in need.

Firehouse Subs did the same thing in Alabama. The program, also run through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, helps the needy in the extremely hot Summer months in the South.

While Subway shops, a Firehouse Subs competitor, has distanced itself from disgraced former spokesman Jared Fogle, perhaps the company should consider stepping up charitable efforts -- perhaps those aimed at curbing child pornography. No serious commentary has been flaoted suggesting that Subway has acted in any way other than appropriately in handling the Fogle debacle. But some money-where-your-mouth-is actions may help contain any damage Fogle's actions may do to Subway's reputation.

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