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100-Armed Sea Creature Caught By Fisherman

A fisherman in Singapore got the shock of a lifetime when he reeled in a strange looking creature that he claims had over 100 tentacles or arms. Ong Han Boon said he caught the strange creature while fishing for lunch recently on the island of Sentosa and admitted that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he got the creature off …

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Salpa Maggiore Sea Creature: A See-Through Rarity

About 40 miles off the Karikari Peninsula, fisherman Stewart Fraser pulled a pellucid oddity out of the ocean. While fishing with his two sons, Fraser saw the animal anomaly floating atop the waters. He described his tactile experience with it as being “scaly and quite firm… and you couldn’t see anything aside from this orange little blob inside.” Neither he …

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Oarfish, Mystery Sea Monster Revealed

Nessie? The Loch Ness Monster? Or some other unidentified creature of the deep? Officials in Spain last week were left with these very questions, but it looks like these questions may finally be put to rest. The fish, found on the shore of Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, with horns protruding from the head baffled discoverers. Several factors made identification …

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