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iPhone Ringtone Remix Sure to Land at Your Next EDM Show

YouTube user MetroGnome has done something that’s rather impressive. He’s taken a classic, tired, and admittedly annoying iPhone ringtone and built a catchy, three-minute song out of it. You’ve probably set plenty of songs as your ringtone before, but have you ever turned a ringtone into an actual song? Furthermore, are you ready to use the ringtone remix as your …

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Arrested Development’s Mark Cherry ‘Get Away’ Song Gets Ringtone Treatment On SoundCloud

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz did a reddit AMA on Monday in which he talked about many topics related to the show, including the next chapter and never-nudes. One question, which got 1,096 points, was: “I want to download/buy the song “Getaway” by Mark Cherry to use it as a ringtone, how can I have it?” “We are really working …

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The Beatles Launch Ringtones Exclusively Through iTunes

For those The Beatles fans who don’t know how to make their own ringtones or just want to spend more money on their favorite band, The Beatles are now offering ringtones based on their songs exclusively through iTunes. The ringtones all last 30-seconds and come from 27 of the bands number one hits. Those hits include “I Want To Hold …

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