iPhone Ringtone Remix Sure to Land at Your Next EDM Show

Josh WolfordLife

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YouTube user MetroGnome has done something that's rather impressive. He's taken a classic, tired, and admittedly annoying iPhone ringtone and built a catchy, three-minute song out of it.

You've probably set plenty of songs as your ringtone before, but have you ever turned a ringtone into an actual song? Furthermore, are you ready to use the ringtone remix as your new ringtone? (He provides a free download, so that's a very easy thing to do).

Kudos for working in a couple of other (and more recent) iPhone sounds–including the most jarring alarm tone in history as well as a little bit from Siri.

Color me impressed. Well, first color me in body glow paint. Then color me impressed.

Image/Video via itsMetroGnome, YouTube

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