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Madonna, Grammy Awards: Grills Piss People Off
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Madonna told Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview at the Grammy Awards Sunday that she wears grills on her teeth because she likes to piss people off. The 55-year-old also claims her 8-year-old son David designed her attire for …

USA Sochi Uniforms: Made In America

The uniforms that Team USA will wear during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games to be held next month in Sochi, Russia, have been unveiled. Designed by Ralph Lauren, the new Olympic uniforms are brimful of stars and stripes with …

Ralph Lauren’s Niece Fined For Wreaking Havoc On Delta Flight
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Jenny Lauren, niece of Polo fashion tycoon Ralph Lauren, was fined $ 2000 euros (approx. $2715) for “air rage” that forced the New York-bound flight she was on to divert to Ireland. The 41-year-old jewelry designer pleaded guilty on Wednesday to being …