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Road Not Taken Is One Of The More Interesting Games Coming To PS4

Earlier this year, Sony announced a number of indie titles heading to the PS4. One of them was an interesting roguelike puzzle game called Road Not Taken. At the time, we didn’t know much about it, but now we do. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Spry Fox’ Daniel Cook updated players on just what Road Not Taken is …

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This 3D Printed Wind-Powered Mechanism Can Be Yours For $136

3D printers have the ability to create some complicated mechanisms. Objet has already shown off a few of its designs including a working Ferris Wheel. Now one designer is creating some truly remarkable 3D printed creations that look absolutely beautiful in motion. Theo Jansen, a Dutch kinetic artist, recently uploaded a video of a design that he calls Animaris Geneticus …

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Zynga Games About To Be Flooded With Foul-Mouthed 12-Year-Olds

While I don’t play Zynga’s games, I praise them for their simplistic take on competition. Players enjoy a single-player experience and let others know through charming Facebook posts that it’s the opponent’s turn or that they beat a high score. It’s non-threatening and conducive to a wholesome family environment. In a move that will single-handedly destroy that wholesome environment, Zynga …

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Facebook Games Can Still Have Success Stories

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom lately about Facebook games. Zynga’s stocks plummeted after a report saw that players were moving from Facebook to mobile. Facebook is having none of it, however, as they highlight a success story for a game that is completely immersed in Facebook. The game in question is Candy Crush Saga. As the name …

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