Road Not Taken Is One Of The More Interesting Games Coming To PS4

Road Not Taken Is One Of The More Interesting Games Coming To PS4

By Zach Walton December 10, 2013

Earlier this year, Sony announced a number of indie titles heading to the PS4. One of them was an interesting roguelike puzzle game called Road Not Taken. At the time, we didn’t know much about it, but now we do. …

The Missing Piece in the RSS Puzzle

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future of RSS. There’s certainly a lot right with it, but something very big is missing – RSS expression – and this spells opportunity.

One Month Left For Google Puzzle Championship

Google’s 2005 U.S. Puzzle Championship will be held in just under a month, on June 18, 2005.

Looksmart’s Search Puzzle Contest

The branded web search property developed for Cal Athletics by LookSmart, CalBearsSearch.com, will launch “Cal Bears Search & Win,” a unique contest that challenges participants to complete a “search puzzle” by finding answers to Cal-specific questions on CalBearsSearch.com.

Putting Together the Pieces To the Marketing Puzzle

When I started in advertising…too many years go to admit to…I began to notice that most “do-it-yourselfers” were making the same mistakes. They were treating each aspect of marketing and advertising as a separate entity. Instead of creating a plan based on the marketing process, they were picking and choosing individual areas to concentrate on. Needless-to-say, they didn’t have much marketing success.

How To Solve The Monster Puzzle Using 7 Rules Of The Game

I wrote this series of articles with just one objective in mind – to help you understand how to peel off the confusion, and carve out YOUR way to success.

Dan Thies Answers Website Promotion Questions

Dan Thies is the author of “Search Engine Optimization Fast Start,” and a frequent contributor to WebProNews. He has more books coming out soon on pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, e-zine publishing, and a beginner’s book on building a small business website.

Dan is happy to answer “almost any” question, but if you would like an intelligent answer, please stick to the general topics of online marketing, website promotion, and search engine positioning (including pay per click). Please include your website’s URL, and as many details as possible.

The Four Pieces to the Search Optimization Puzzle

Hi Dan,

The clients I have now came primarily by word of mouth, although three did find me on the web — through Microsoft Front Page. If you type in “spideree” in Google search, I’m in the first 8 listings, but I’m not even in the first 10 pages when you type in “web design” + “New Jersey.”

Keeping Your National & International Visitors Happy

When I read that beautiful article from Jennifer Stewart on the very same topic, I realized that many of us would not have the time to search for and maintain really good stuff to entertain our visitors. And I surely remembered that more than two years ago we at ICA-D dealt with the very same topics.