This 3D Printed Wind-Powered Mechanism Can Be Yours For $136

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3D printers have the ability to create some complicated mechanisms. Objet has already shown off a few of its designs including a working Ferris Wheel. Now one designer is creating some truly remarkable 3D printed creations that look absolutely beautiful in motion.

Theo Jansen, a Dutch kinetic artist, recently uploaded a video of a design that he calls Animaris Geneticus Parvus, or Strandbeest for short. It's a walking mechanism that's powered by a number of small joints that allow the Strandbeest to walk forward. When adding the Propeller Propulsion add-on, it comes to life and moves on its own.

Jansen sells the Strandbeest itself for $96, and the propellor add-on is a little under $40. You can get both for $136 and have your very own autonomous wind powered 'toy.'

Speaking of toys, here's some amazing puzzles from noted designer M. Oskar van Deventer who says these designs can't be made without the aid of 3D printers.