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Kim Jong-Un Stars in ‘Glorious Leader!’ Video Game

Independent video game developer Moneyhorse has announced a title for PC and mobile called Glorious Leader!, which stars North Korea’s Great Successor Kim Jong-un as the main playable character. Players can guide the rotund despot through seven levels in the …

North Korea’s State Owned News: “Obama is a monkey”

Propaganda is usually more eloquent, combined with images of gallantry and false promises through meaningless slogans; a rhetoric that allows for no free thought or discussion – ‘you’re either with us or against us.’ North Korea spares no elegance when …

Washington Post Masthead On A Chinese Government Publication
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Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalist democracy, right? That’s what we’re told in this country from a young age. Well it turns out those …

Kony 2012: The Anatomy Of A Viral Success Kony 2012: The Anatomy Of A Viral Success
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Funny thing about the internet: you can’t smell anything on it, but certain stories sure can cause a stink. Two days ago, we told you about the meteoric rise of the latest viral video, Kony 2012, that didn’t make the …

Blogger Busts Chinese Propaganda Photo
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It’s no wonder the Chinese government doesn’t really trust the Internet. It makes it a lot easier to call them out. Darn those democratic institutions! Chinese bloggers and forum members forced a photographer to admit he doctored a photo for the good of the State.

It’s not that there aren’t pregnant chiru antelope in Tibet, it’s just that they’re usually not pregnant in June.

And trains scare them.