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Kim Jong-Un Stars in ‘Glorious Leader!’ Video Game

Independent video game developer Moneyhorse has announced a title for PC and mobile called Glorious Leader!, which stars North Korea’s Great Successor Kim Jong-un as the main playable character. Players can guide the rotund despot through seven levels in the old-school shoot-’em-up, in scenarios that describe Kim Jong-un life-facts generated by the propaganda machine of the Democratic People’s Republic of …

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North Korea’s State Owned News: “Obama is a monkey”

Propaganda is usually more eloquent, combined with images of gallantry and false promises through meaningless slogans; a rhetoric that allows for no free thought or discussion – ‘you’re either with us or against us.’ North Korea spares no elegance when it tries to make a point, whether it’s a myriad of empty threats, execution by flamethrower, or bombardments from its …

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Washington Post Masthead On A Chinese Government Publication

Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalist democracy, right? That’s what we’re told in this country from a young age. Well it turns out those freedoms are also employed by the Chinese Communist Party. In America. Namely, in The Washington Post. This is the source …

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Kony 2012: The Anatomy Of A Viral Success

Funny thing about the internet: you can’t smell anything on it, but certain stories sure can cause a stink. Two days ago, we told you about the meteoric rise of the latest viral video, Kony 2012, that didn’t make the rounds on the internet so much as it grabbed the internet by the eyeballs and forced everybody to look directly …

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