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Stanford Tops Forbes List Of Top Universities

For at least this year a west coast school can claim supremacy over what is usually viewed as eastern academic superiority. Stanford university in Palo Alto, CA has been named the top university in the country by a recent Forbes …

Princeton Threat: Bomb Scare Shuts Down Campus

A bomb scare at Princeton University today has shut down the school’s New Jersey campus. Princeton sent out a message via email and social networks at around 10:30 am EDT Tuesday morning. The message stated that there has been a …

Researchers Bring Us Closer To The Cyborg Future With A Bionic Ear Researchers Bring Us Closer To The Cyborg Future With A Bionic Ear

Work on growing organs is progressing smoothly, but slowly, thanks to the help of 3D printers. That same technology has now enabled scientists to create entire external body parts, like ears. Phys.org reports that researchers at Princeton University have created …

Facebook Timeline Rolls Back to 1000 A.D. Facebook Timeline Rolls Back to 1000 A.D.

Facebook Timeline pages for brands can now go back as far at 1000 A.D. When the branding feature launched recently, users could only establish a history beginning in the year 1800. As of Wednesday, Facebook has altered brand Timelines to …

Princeton Signs On With Google Library Project

The list of libraries, foreign and domestic, that have agreed to take part in Google’s Library Project is slowly but surely continuing to grow. Book searching with Google will now carry a touch of Ivy League sophistication as Princeton has agreed to take part in the efforts of the search company to digitize book content.

Preparing For The GMAT Exam Online
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There is a new site that launched on Monday that focuses on preparing potential grad students to pass the GMAT exam. The site is called Grockit and it takes its name from a book by Robert Heinlein titled “Strangers in A Strange Land”. The term “grok” is used in the book and it means to understand something so well that it becomes a part of you.

The Changing Facets of the SEO Business

The word “change” has over a dozen definitions, at least according to my electronic source at Princeton University.

Revolution 2.1

The second Internet revolution has clearly started to take shape. Remember the massive changes forecast by hundreds of tech-writers, including myself, for the past two years? While slower in coming than expected, the last critical stage for their mass adoption of these changes, their introduction, appears to have begun. Welcome to Revolution 2.1.

Google Elects Princeton Prez To Board

Google’s Board of Directors unanimously elected Princeton University’s President and Professor of Molecular Biology, Shirley M. Tilghman, to join their ranks due to her reputation as a pioneer in academic research.

Princeton Softech Announces Soution for IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450

Cost-Effective Data Management Solution for PeopleSoft Users Addresses Availability and Business Management Needs.