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Stanford Tops Forbes List Of Top Universities

For at least this year a west coast school can claim supremacy over what is usually viewed as eastern academic superiority. Stanford university in Palo Alto, CA has been named the top university in the country by a recent Forbes list. The list focused on the areas of Student Satisfaction, Post-Graduate Success, Graduation Rate, Nationally Competitive Awards, and Student Debt. …

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Princeton Threat: Bomb Scare Shuts Down Campus

A bomb scare at Princeton University today has shut down the school’s New Jersey campus. Princeton sent out a message via email and social networks at around 10:30 am EDT Tuesday morning. The message stated that there has been a bomb threat against “unspecified campus buildings” and that everyone, students and faculty, is to evacuate the school’s campus and the …

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Researchers Bring Us Closer To The Cyborg Future With A Bionic Ear

Work on growing organs is progressing smoothly, but slowly, thanks to the help of 3D printers. That same technology has now enabled scientists to create entire external body parts, like ears. Phys.org reports that researchers at Princeton University have created a 3D printed ear made out of biogel. The ear contains a small antenna that’s able to pick up radio …

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Facebook Timeline Rolls Back to 1000 A.D.

Facebook Timeline pages for brands can now go back as far at 1000 A.D. When the branding feature launched recently, users could only establish a history beginning in the year 1800. As of Wednesday, Facebook has altered brand Timelines to begin on 1000 A.D. The Timeline only going back to 1800 was a bit of a problem from brands that …

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