Facebook Timeline Rolls Back to 1000 A.D.

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Facebook Timeline pages for brands can now go back as far at 1000 A.D. When the branding feature launched recently, users could only establish a history beginning in the year 1800. As of Wednesday, Facebook has altered brand Timelines to begin on 1000 A.D.

The Timeline only going back to 1800 was a bit of a problem from brands that predated that period, namely the U.S. Army and Navy, Princeton University, and the Church of Ireland, to cite a handful of examples.

Here is the beginning of the timeline for the U.S. Army:

timeline fb

Here is the Church or Ireland's page:


Now, when an older brand seeks to establish a history, the timeline can be rolled back 1012 years:

fb timeline

Here is a page testing this out.

This wasn't really an issue until the branding features were rolled out, with no living Facebook users individually being born before the year 1800. Alas, what would brands like St. Peter Restaurant of Austria, est. 803, or The Hoshi Hotel in Japan, opened in 717, do if they'd wanted to build a Timeline?