Google Talk Discusses Living On A Dollar A Day

Google Talk Discusses Living On A Dollar A Day

By Chris Crum December 29, 2014

Google recently hosted The Forgotten International founder and president Thomas Nazario for a talk, in which he talks “Living on a Dollar a Day,” which is the title of his book about that very subject. “Slightly over one billion people …

$11.50 Minimum Wage: Sound Nice? $11.50 Minimum Wage: Sound Nice?

Community leaders in Seattle have vocalized desires to raise minimum wage, and now leaders in Maryland have instigated the process to implement policies that increase wages. Presently, the federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour though some states …

McDonald’s: Not Paid Enough?  Get Food Stamps. McDonald’s: Not Paid Enough? Get Food Stamps.


McDonald’s loves to see you smile–just not their employees. When full-time employee Nancy Salgado called McResources, McDonald’s employee help line, and said she need a raise to help cover the cost of groceries and her heating bill, she was told …

African Billionaires Exploit Africa Amid Poverty African Billionaires Exploit Africa Amid Poverty

If you want to know why humanity fails and succeeds, just compare Africa, a continent of 1.2 billion people on one side and China, a continental size country of 1.35 billion on the other. In 1980, freshly liberated from the …

Poorest State in America Revealed Poorest State in America Revealed


The U.S. Census Bureau recently released estimates from its 2011 American Community Survey showing that Mississippi is the poorest state in the U.S., with a median household income of only $36,919. Last month it was revealed by the U.S. Centers …

Discussing Issues On Poverty, Through Blogs

"Remember the poor, it costs nothing" — Josh Billings

Google, U.N. Partner On Poverty

Google and Cisco have partnered with the United Nations to launch a new Web site that will detail how and where Millennium Development Goals on ending poverty are being met.

Cisco, Google, And The U.N. Take On Poverty

Google has partnered with many companies and organizations, but a new development is far larger, and should have much more of a real-world impact, than anything we expected to see: the search giant is now working with Cisco and the United Nations to decrease global poverty.

Bono Seeks Yahoo Answers To Poverty

U2′s frontman and noteworthy activist takes his turn during the Yahoo Answers “Ask the Planet” promotion and asks for suggestions on battling the problem of global poverty.

Geldof Upset Over Text Messaging Ticket Contest

Winners of tickets to the Live 8 event in London apparently wasted no time posting their ducats on eBay.

Poverty to Riches: Myth or Reality?

You CAN start with empty pockets and piles of bills and build a steady income, even wealth, via the internet. It’s a long, hard road though, so it’s best to prepare and take along a good map.